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A Step-by-Step Guide On How To Play Snakes And Ladders Online

by Martha Simmonds

Snakes and ladders is one of the few board games that rivals ludo in terms of popularity and recognition. It is an ancient game with a rich history.

The luck-based game requires players to roll dice to determine their turn and move their playing pieces on the board according to the number obtained. The player whose playing pieces reach the last, or 100th square first, is declared the game’s winner.

Besides being enjoyed in the conventional offline mode, the game is also played extensively in the virtual medium by millions of enthusiasts using online snakes and ladders games. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to play snakes and ladders online for enthusiasts:

Getting Started

To play online snakes and ladders matches, interested individuals must first find and set up a robust game. Here are steps to set up a snakes and ladders game:

Step 1 – Choosing the Right Online Snakes and Ladders Game

Due to the demand for online snakes and ladders games, there are plenty of online platforms that feature online snakes and ladders games. Most of them are free-to-play, which adds to the accessibility quotient. However, when looking for an online snakes and ladders game, individuals should not compromise in any aspect.

There are certain things they should look for in the platform featuring the game. For starters, individuals should check whether the platform is secure or not, along with its compatibility. Besides this, they should ensure that the game does not make players wait a long time to find matches and features numerous game modes.

Step 2 – Downloading the Game or App on the Smartphone

Most online platforms offer enthusiasts online snakes and ladders games on their official application. Therefore, once a person has found the right online platform, they should install its official application to get started. Different platforms feature different ways following which users of different platforms can download the game.

For instance, there are particular snake and ladder game-featuring apps that are readily available on operating systems’ official marketplace, such as the Google Play Store and the App Store. On the other hand, specific apps need to be downloaded from their official websites.

In such cases, individuals need to navigate to the official website of the platform offering the online game and download the compatible version from there. Once the game is downloaded and installed, individuals can move to the next step, i.e., registering their accounts on the app.

Step 3 – Registering on the Platform Using an Email or Social Media Account

To authenticate themselves as legitimate users and track their in-game progress, individuals are required by most online snakes and ladders game apps to connect or link an email ID, or social media account to the game and register themselves.

For example, players can use their Facebook or Twitter handles to authenticate their identity and register themselves on the app. Besides this, they can also use their Google or other email accounts to get the job done.

Playing the Game

Once the game has been set up, individuals can get started with virtual snakes and ladders matches. Although different platforms feature different graphical elements, animations, etc., most feature similar gameplay. Here are the gameplay-related steps that beginners can follow to have an immersive experience:

Step 1 – Most online snakes and ladders games feature multiple game modes, and thus, individuals can choose their preferred one. For instance, if they wish to play matches against anonymous opponents, they need to select the “Multiplayer” mode and click on the “Play” or “Start” option to start the match-finding process.

Step 2 – Almost every good online snakes and ladders game finds a match within a few seconds. Once the match has been found, a new screen will open, featuring a virtual snakes and ladders board with multiple tokens, including the player’s and opponents’. To begin the game, players need to tap on the dice icon present on the screen.

Step 3 – If they luckily obtain the number “6” in their first roll, they can start the game by getting another die roll and moving their playing piece as per the number obtained in the second roll. If not, the turn will pass on to the next player in line.

Step 4 – Once all the playing pieces are out, the race for the finish line will begin. Similar to the orthodox version of the game, the main objective of players is to reach the 100th square first by using ladders and avoiding snakes. When their turn comes, players need to press the virtual dice icon and tap on their pawn to move it.

Step 5 – In online snakes and ladders matches, players have the option to eliminate the tokens of opponents. Hence, if they obtain a die roll that allows them to eliminate an opponent’s playing piece, they simply need to tap on their opponent’s piece to get the job done. If the same thing happens with the player, they need to start from the beginning of the board.

Players need to continue taking turns and moving their playing pieces until they reach the final square or any of their opponents do. Any player who reaches the final square on the virtual board first will be declared the winner of the match.

As evident by the detailed steps mentioned above, indulging in virtual snakes and ladders matches via online games is very simple. Playing snakes and ladders online is the perfect way for individuals to pass their time leisurely; thus, everyone should try it at least once.

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