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3 Pros And 2 Cons Of Hashtag Generators For Businesses

Marketing is an important aspect of any business. Through marketing, your brand will get visibility, increasing the chances of getting new clients and making sales.

Innovative ways to market brands are coming up with each new dawn. For instance, social media marketing was made possible by the growth of digital technology. In addition to that, most people spend about 80% of their time scrolling through their phones and tablets.

Meanwhile, in the world of social media marketing, it’s becoming more popular to increase your presence. This is an example of how hashtags are used. Hashtags on social media help to identify content on a given topic. Due to their popularity, there’s been a demand for tools to help brands develop hashtags for their businesses.

This led to the development of hashtag generators. There are many different choices available, which can sometimes make the decision-making process more difficult. It would help to seek information from sites such as EarthWeb. This will give you an insight into various hashtag generators.

However, if you’re having trouble deciding on whether to invest in a hashtag generator, this article will help you make this decision by highlighting the pros and cons of this innovation.

The Pros Of Hashtag Generators

1. Helps You Remain Relevant

Hashtag works for social media marketing. There are always news and trends on social media every day, if not several hours a day. You might have been the number one trending hashtag in the morning, but something else has taken over by noon. Hence, you need to always be on your toes. Hashtag generators will help you achieve this.

You can start by searching for reliable tools to help you not just generate hashtags but also provide you with analytics data. Your social media strategists can give Analisa a go or any other available tool to search for the trending topic.

Then, they’ll generate posts under the topic and use the trending hashtag to promote the post. Doing this will give you visibility among all the noise, ensuring you remain relevant.

2. Gives You Targeted Hashtags

Coming up with relevant hashtags isn’t an easy task. You want one that’ll resonate with your brand and target audience. A wrong hashtag could give you visibility to the wrong audience, which won’t help your marketing goals. A hashtag generator tool can assist you in finding the right hashtag to use. All you have to do is search for your industry or niche.

The tool will give you a list of hashtags you can use. Here, you’ll choose based on your preference. With a hashtag suited for your niche, your brand will appear in relevant searches, increasing the chances of your target audience finding you.

Furthermore, by using similar hashtags to the established businesses in your industry, your brand will also appear in searches.

hashtag generators for businesses3. Helps You Identify Target Audience

Most marketing strategies are geared towards gaining traction with the target audience. Your target audience is the group most likely to purchase your goods and seek your services. Therefore, one of the social media marketing strategies is to get a following and visibility from your target audience. This is where a hashtag generator comes in.

With the tool, you can search for common hashtags that resonate with your brand, such as fashion, travel, and food. This search will bring you a list of those who’ve used this hashtag in their posts.

From this list, you can check out those who will likely seek your services and head to their accounts. Then, you can send a follow or friend request, depending on the social media platform. In this way, they’ll get to know your brand.

The Cons Of Hashtag Generators

1. Difficult to Stand Out

As previously stated, a hashtag generator tool can give you hashtags to use that resonate with your brand. This means that it’ll offer the same services to your competitors as you. There’s a high likelihood of using similar hashtags with other brands in your search.

In addition, should a social media user search a given hashtag, such as finance or investments, your brand, and several others will appear. You’re less likely to stand out as a brand in this situation. On the other hand, there are hashtag generator tools that can customize your hashtag to suit your specific business, but they come at a cost.

2. Expensive

You want to minimize your costs to ensure you enjoy sizeable profits as a business. Acquiring a hashtag generator is likely to defeat this purpose.

Meanwhile, many companies have developed hashtag generators, each offering similar services, with others offering additional features to enhance your experience. Most of their services are free, which is beneficial since your costs are reduced to only maintaining and upgrading the software.

However, most free versions have very limited services that can barely benefit your business. In most cases, you’ll have to upgrade to the paid version of your preferred hashtag generator tool. As a result, you’ll be making payments to the developer, which will increase your expenses as a business.


The discussion above has shed light on the advantages and disadvantages of hashtag generators. With this information, you can decide whether to go ahead and make the investment or seek an alternative solution. Whichever decision you make, ensure it’s the best, all factors considered.

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