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4 Best Headphones For Live Streaming Your Games

Live streaming is becoming immensely popular, and people are here for it. If you are into live-streaming and video games, do you know how essential your equipment is? Right? One crucial piece of equipment is your headphones. If they are not correct for you, it will be challenging for you to have an immersive experience with sound quality, which is just up to the mark. Thus, do not buy any headphones without proper research.

To make your job a bit easy, we are sharing the four best headphones for live streaming along with some tips.

Tips for buying the best headset


The first thing to consider for your live-streaming headphones is the bass or frequency response. Our ear can detect any frequency ranging from 20-20,000Hz. So, ensure the headset you buy is between this, ensuring a smooth and clear sound quality.

Wireless design or wired?

Wired or wireless, the debate is hotter than ever! However, both have their share of pros and cons. For instance, a wired headset provides better sound quality, and you don’t have to worry about charging them. Yet, with wireless, you can be part of live-streaming outside without worrying about the cord or anything. It’s a matter of preference.


Go with computer headsets that have noise-canceling features. It makes your work easier as the outside voices don’t distract people you are conversing with and makes live streaming in a noisy environment easier.


It is essential that you buy headsets that can connect with your system and are compatible with the software. You don’t want to buy an expensive headset only to know they don’t work with half of your gadgets. So, always check the specifications.


Go for headphones with a mic, whether attached or detachable.

Best headphones to choose for live-streaming

1. Sennheiser Game One Wired

Sennheiser has come up with a perfect headset for live streaming, which is perfect for even listening to music with quality sound. Its features include:

• Exceptional and impeccable audio quality. The treble and base both are 100% perfect.

• It works with numerous gaming platforms.

• The cord is long, so you only need to plug in and play the headset without fumbling with cords or so on.

• It is a lightweight and comfortable headset as it has soft ear cups which don’t put any pressure on your head.

• The microphone is responsive and of high-quality perfect for live streaming or gaming. It is noise-canceling, so incredible for you.

• It has interchangeable cables with a 3.5 m long jack, making it easy to connect with different platforms.

• Price: $119.95

2. Logitech G430

Logitech needs no introduction, and this particular headset is grabbing eyes due to its sleek look and comfortable ear pads fabric. Its features include:

• It has Dolby 7.1 virtual surround sound quality, which is perfect for live-streaming and gaming as it gives an immersive experience.

• There is a build-in-microphone, which reduces background noise and is rotatable.

• The frequency range of this headset is between 20Hz to 20 kHz (It’s awesome!)

• There is a built-in-controls that lets you mute the microphone or reduce or increase the volume.

• Price: $160

3. SteelSeries Arctis 7 Wireless

The wireless headset allows you to enjoy live streaming or gaming without worrying about connecting wires while providing incredible sound quality. Its features include:

• The audio quality is out of the bow and has 360-degree precision.

• Its sound quality highlights subtle and critical sounds well, making your gaming experience even better.

• The microphone is retractable with the highest quality, ensuring your voice is heard clearly by others.

• It is lightweight yet sturdy, making for a perfect streaming headset.

• The aesthetic on this one is nice, with LEDs surrounding the ear pads, making it look pleasing.

• Price: $169.99

4. HyperX CloudX Flight

A known brand for selling the best gaming equipment, this headset is excellent. Its feature includes:

• It has a built-in mixer on earcups for mixing between chat and game volume.

• It also has built-in microphone monitoring. So, you don’t need to shift to any software solution to use your mic. It’s also detachable.

• Its battery life is 30 hours long, which is an incredible feature.

• Price: $159.99

These four are currently the best live streaming headsets with great prices. Apart from impeccable technical features, they are also comfortable, which is essential for streaming.

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