healthy routine on a long road trip

Vital Tips on Keeping a Healthy Routine While You’re on a Long Road Trip 

Travelling around the world by car is an easy alternative to carpooling or other ways of transport. In some cases, it’s more affordable and smoother compared to public transport in terms of price and space for luggage. But car travel can be dangerous if you’re easily distraught. Most of the time, phone distractions are common causes of accidents, although governments recommend the use of hands-free devices.

However, you may be distracted t due to certain worries, such as meeting your needs in regard to routines. When traveling by car, you may not have the time to stop to have lunch at the same time as usual or do your exercise, so your schedule is all over the place. 

Keeping a steady routine is essential for a healthy life, but there are times when you simply cannot fulfill it. So, here are some tips on maintaining your well-being while on a long road trip. 

Choose healthy snacks instead of guilty pleasure ones

Driving on long roads makes you think you’re burning calories, so most people choose fatty snacks and meals during driving hours. At the same time, products offered in convenience stores are far from being healthy, so you either pack your lunch from home or are cautious of what you buy on your way. 

Besides the fact they’re not healthy, these guilty pleasures like chips or soda cans will surely lead to digestive issues, such as constipation or bloating. Therefore, some healthy snacks to have in mind include the following:

  • Granola bars 
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Fruits 
  • Veggie chips 
  • Roasted chickpeas 
  • Avocados 
  • Dark chocolate 

When it comes to drinks, it’s best to have only water, as it keeps you hydrated. You can also have tea and natural fruit juice for something sweeter. Plus, a simple black coffee won’t do any harm for a plus of energy. But energy drinks and similar products may make you feel too energised, and then your body will crash, and you’ll be tired in no time, so try avoiding sugary products, even sweets. 

Sleep whenever you feel tired 

Many car accidents are caused by sleeping while driving, which is more common than you think, considering people drive at night pretty often too. It’s difficult to sleep eight hours a night when driving, so make sure you take power naps or sleep at a motel whenever you need. For example, if you’re headed to London but are feeling too tired, you can look for Heathrow airport parking where you can sleep safely if there’s no other option around. 

Don’t worry about sleeping in a car because there are many products on the market to make you feel more comfortable. Some sleeping essentials include inflatable air mattresses, neck pillows and privacy curtains. 

Of course, it would be best to make constant stops on the way to ensure your legs are not sore so you can safely drive. Let’s say you go around North West England, which has one of the most beautiful sights in the countryside. Although the driving time from one place to another might not be too much, you can take side roads to elongate the trip. For example, you can reach the Peak District National Park through the gateway of Manchester airport parking, which is a great stop when feeling tired. 

Protect your eyes and skin with sunscreen and sunglasses 

Although it may seem like you’re protected from the sun as you’re inside the car, the truth is that the sun’s rays are even more powerful through the vehicle’s windows. That’s because UV rays can penetrate them, and considering you’re not protected, this can increase the risk of skin damage. 

Your eyes and skin must not be taken for granted, so you must protect them. So, put on 50+ sunscreen on your face, neck and arms every now and then during the trip to ensure your skin has a layer of protection. For your eyes to remain in good condition, it’s best to wear a pair of sunglasses that are equipped with high levels of UV protection

During the summer, these tips are necessary to avoid burns but are valid even in other seasons as the sun is always damaging due to climate change. It’s also advisable to wear clothes that cover most of your body for more protection. 

Try to stay as comfortable as possible 

Being comfortable during long driving hours is challenging, whether you’re the driver or the passenger. That’s because you’re not moving too much, it may be too hot in the car, and the stress of driving in big cities is definitely a negative element. However, when taking such an important trip, it’s best to be flexible to avoid traffic stress

But how can you do that? For example, let’s say you need to reach your destination at a specific time. In that case, you must leave home much earlier than other people would because you don’t know what’s on the way to the location. At the same time, driving calmly and without speeding because you worry you’ll arrive late is always best. 

Let’s also suppose it gets so hot inside the car that you can barely stand it. Sometimes, the AC can be damaging if turned on for too long; you want to keep yourself cool in other ways. You can roll down your windows from time to time, drink plenty of water and have some ice packs around to let melt in a tray or something that won’t allow the water to get in the car. 

Bottom line 

Driving for a long time may influence your routine negatively, which is why it’s so annoying to travel sometimes. However, you can handle this situation by eating healthy foods, doing constant stops to allow your body to relax and taking care of your health. Don’t forget to get in touch with close people during your breaks but avoid using the phone while driving to minimise the chances of an accident. Choosing a hands-free device is advisable.

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