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How to Help Your Child with Math in the Best Way

by Martha Simmonds

In 2017, the UNESCO statistics showed that six out of ten school children and adolescents aren’t learning enough math for their age. One of the reasons why many children don’t learn math properly is the lack of a positive relationship with the subject. If you’re here looking for a solution, the article provides some tips to help your kids with maths.

Why Do Kids Struggle with Math?

Many students struggle with math. Everyday, they are faced with questions that require logic and critical thinking. It can be challenging, but with patience and a positive mindset, students can solve most math problems successfully.

However, many students suffer from a lack of confidence from repeated underperformance. This creates anxiety that forms a mental block slowing children’s learning ability.

Four Ways to Help Your Child with Math

Below are 4 ways to give your kids math help:

1. Help Kids Stay Positive

Helping your child realize they aren’t poor at math just because they got a few questions wrong can go a long way. Positivity produces enthusiasm and determination. With those two, your child can solve any math problem. Hence, there is a need to create a positive atmosphere whenever you’re talking about the subject with your child.

2. Don’t Tell a Child You Were Poor at Math

If you struggled with math in school, your child doesn’t need to hear that story. While it’s true that you need to be honest with your kids, math is a subject that has an unpleasant reputation. That reputation comes from the people who’ve passed down the “dreaded subject” story from one generation to another.

The problem with this story is that it creates fear in the hearts of kids, which triggers anxiety when they’re faced with math problems. Your child needs to see math as just another class and not as the dreaded monster many people make it out to be.

3. Introduce Fun Ways to Learn Math

Kids love to play. They like to have fun. If you can teach them math in a fun way, they’re more likely to assimilate the lessons. Thankfully, there are lots of innovative ways to incorporate fun into learning math.

Today, hundreds of games combine math lessons and gameplay to ensure kids learn while having fun. Some good math games include Prodigy Math, Rocket Math, Operation Math, and many others.

4. Sign a Kid up for Online Math Learning Websites

There are lots of websites that offer online math classes for kids. Many of such platforms use interactive video-led classes to teach children. They also hire qualified tutors to teach your child in one-on-one classes or as part of a live group class.

Online learning websites like Brighterly provide personalized curriculums to ensure the classes address your child’s major weaknesses. They also provide math worksheets for different grades to give your child all the necessary resources to improve their math skills.


Your child can get better at math. However, they need a lot of help to develop a healthy relationship with the subject.

Many kids suffer from self-doubt. Therefore, you must find ways to take the pressure off their shoulders and make learning math enjoyable. With the tips in this article, your child should become better at math within a short time.

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