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4 Signs That Show You Have High Cheekbones

by Martha Simmonds

Ah, yes, high cheekbones — every girl’s dream.

Even though it’s true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, we have to admit that high cheekbones are a feature we’re all drawn to. Many celebrities even undergo medical procedures to get them.

As insane as it may sound, it’s true — they really are that attractive.

Why? Well, researchers from the Journal of Neuroscience have found that we subconsciously associate high cheekbones with trustworthiness. They’re also an indicator of high estrogen levels in women, as well as youthfulness ⁠— it’s no wonder we find them so appealing!

If you’re unsure whether yours are high or not, look for these three signs:

1. Location

Start by standing in front of a mirror in a bright room. Place your thumb above your ear, and your index finger directly under your nostril (it doesn’t matter which side of the face you choose). Imagine that you’re drawing a line on your face, and start moving both of your fingers until they meet. That meeting point is where you will find your cheekbone.

Now, if your cheekbone is closer to your eye than the center, or even the bottom, of your nose — congratulations! — you have high cheekbones. However, if it is closer to the bottom of your nose, don’t get sad over it. There’s nothing a good contour powder and a bit of highlighter can’t help you out with.

2. Width

Get right back in front of that mirror if you moved away! Take a closer look and try to determine where the widest part of your face is. Is it right above your lips? Is it in line with your nose?

If you’re uncertain, take a lip liner or an eyeliner pencil (something that can be easily removed) and dot your temples, hairline, and jawline areas on the mirror. The trickiest part is to remain still, so hold your breath!

Take a step back and observe — in case the widest part of your face is right beneath your eyes, you definitely have high cheekbones. This usually causes the cheeks to dip in, which brings us to the next sign:

3. The Cheek Dip

Once you’ve found your cheekbone, look directly beneath it. Do you see the area under the bone that slightly dips in? This curve is essentially what makes your cheekbones look more prominent.

Sometimes, it also projects a shadow on your face. And if you’ve wondered why people use ashy contour powders — there’s the answer. They basically mimic natural shadows, allowing us to at least pretend we have high cheekbones.

4. Symmetry

Facial symmetry is another sign you have high cheekbones. Basically, if your face appears to be more symmetrical than other people’s, it’s likely that you have them.

There’s a study that proposes two explanations as to why symmetrical faces are considered more attractive. The first one (evolutionary advantage) states that it’s because symmetry is a sign of good health and a lack of birth defects. On the other hand, the second explanation (perceptual bias) indicates that symmetrical faces are simply easier and faster to process by the brain.

Whichever statement happens to be the ‘more accurate’ one, it’s clear that high cheekbones play a significant role in determining what’s more attractive.

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