hipec procedure

HIPEC Procedure

We are lucky to live in the 21st century when there are a huge number of methods for fighting cancer. Moreover, every year the effectiveness of treatment increases, and the side effects become less pronounced. Technological progress has made it possible for physicians to use modern equipment, which simplifies the treatment process.

To date, the world leaders in the use of modern therapeutic methods are Israel and Germany. Here, innovative methods for the treatment of many diseases are used, as well as experienced physicians work. A good example of such novel methods is hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC).

How HIPEC works

HIPEC is usually used in combination with surgical removal of the tumor and visible metastatic lesions. The surgeons’ main goal is to remove the tumor in the abdomen, and after that, the HIPEC treatment follows. HIPEC was developed precisely to destroy those malignant cells that have remained after surgical treatment, as well as to prevent the risk of metastases spreading.

The procedure itself consists of washing the patient’s abdominal cavity after surgery with a solution of a chemotherapy drug, which is heated to a certain temperature. A chemotherapy drug heated to 42-43°C is injected into the abdominal cavity through the catheter. Thus, simultaneous action of hyperthermia and a high concentration of a cytostatic drug leads to the destruction of cancer cells.

The liquid form allows the chemotherapeutic agent to penetrate tissues that surgeons do not have access to. In this way, surgery and HIPEC complement each other perfectly and enhance the anti-tumor effect of the treatment. However, the final effectiveness of HIPEC depends on the stage of the disease.

When can HIPEC be administered?

This procedure was developed to treat peritoneal cancer and prevent the spread of metastases throughout the body. Typically, the most common indications for the HIPEC treatment are pancreatic and gastric cancer. However, tumors of other abdominal organs can also be treated with HIPEC.

The operation lasts about 8 hours. It is performed by experienced surgeons, and if necessary, by gynecological oncologists as well. However, “hot chemotherapy” requires long and careful preparation, extensive experience, and the coordinated work of a team of medical specialists. That is why it is recommended to undergo HIPEC in modern German hospitals.

HIPEC can also be used to treat ascites, which often develop in patients at the advanced stages of cancer. This pathological process leads to the spread of cancer cells in the peritoneum, up to the diaphragm. Cytoreductive surgery combined with HIPEC is one of today’s most effective treatments that can prolong a patient’s life and improve its quality.

HIPEC during the lockdown

Arranging treatment abroad has always been challenging for patients. Unfortunately, all the difficulties of its organization are now enhanced by the COVID-19 international restrictions. Many countries have closed their borders to foreigners, which makes it even more difficult to undergo treatment abroad.

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HIPEC at top foreign hospitals

For patients with peritoneal cancer, German or Israeli hospitals are the most suitable ones. However, one of the main disadvantages of arranging treatment abroad on your own is extra fees for foreign patients. To avoid this, you can contact the medical tourism operator Booking Health and save up to 50% of the initial cost of treatment.

The absence of surcharges for treatment in the best foreign hospitals is achieved by working with them without intermediaries. In addition to the absence of additional fees, Booking Health provides each patient with extra benefits, including booking tickets and assistance with accommodation, services of interpreters, etc. To learn about all the benefits, you can visit the Booking Health website.

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