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Planning The Perfect Home Date Night

Everything might be different this year because of the pandemic and lockdown, but that doesn’t mean to say you can’t create the perfect home date night with your loved one. Here are some great ideas to get you started whether you live together or whether you will have to manage over the Internet, which we get isn’t ideal. However, with some creativity and careful planning, it can still be the perfect evening together.

Setting the Scene

Living Together

To add some romance to your evening, you need to set the scene. Make a deal to get dressed up as if you were going off to your favourite restaurant for a fancy meal. If you have a spare room, one of you should get ready in there, or at the very least get dressed at different times. You can then make a grand entrance and remember how stunning your date looks when they are all dressed up because let’s face it; we’re probably used to seeing each other in loungewear and jogging pants at the moment!

If you have small children be prepared to eat slightly later so that you can pop them safely in bed and spend some quality time together.

There are lots of options for setting the table, and in some cases, no dinner table is required. Some romantic meals can take place as a carpet picnic in which case you may want to choose your clothes as if you were headed out on a summer’s day to sit in a field.

If you are going to sit at the table, set it carefully and with small additions like heart-shaped confetti and a single red rose across the plate setting you can create that perfect romantic ambience. Soft lighting, maybe even dinner by candlelight and a glass of your favourite tipple and you’re good to go.

Living Apart

It doesn’t really have to be much different if you, unfortunately, don’t live together. You can still generate the magic of a date. Take time to get ready and set up your computer or television screen to receive a zoom or Skype call. It is still possible to make that grand entrance and wow your loved one.

When it comes to setting the scene, why not pop on to eBay or Amazon and grab some romantic place settings dispatching one box to you and one package to your partner. In this case, it makes sense to agree on a menu even if that is a takeaway menu, and both have the same meal as if you were together.

The Art of Conversation

Conversations about homeschooling the children, work, and other mundanities are strictly off the table. Date night is the perfect time to reconnect and talk about yourselves and your relationship. A quick Google search will retrieve you a set of questions for couples or are some conversation starters that take you on different topics you may not have discussed before.

It doesn’t matter if you have been together six months or 60 years there will always be something new to find out about the other person.

After Dinner

As long as you pick the food you both enjoy, it doesn’t matter what you have for dinner. If you really can’t agree on a meal, then both of you picked something easy to source during the lockdown and enjoy your favourite food. After dinner, why not plan a bucket list for when life gets back to normal.

Where would you like to go, what would you like to see? Even if you have quite different tastes, find some common ground and perhaps agree that you will each undertake a holiday that the other prefers to show your support. What else could you do while the world is still under restriction? Perhaps you could learn a new language together, take an online course. Borgata recommends playing together and learning a new skill together or agreeing on a movie list you haven’t yet watched but want to.

Sofa Time

Once you have finished eating dinner and made your bucket list why not head to the sofa and make a start on the movie list. This is one that you could agree in advance of the dinner and rather than sitting in separate corners be sure to snuggle on the sofa with a glass of wine or a hot chocolate.

Maybe some after-dinner snacks and if the weather is not particularly fantastic a blanket to cuddle under. Parents may have to prepare for the odd interruption from children waking in the night but keep everything as low key as possible and get them back to bed quickly and quietly.

Bubble Bath

Those lucky enough to own a hot tub may want to head out there at some point during the evening, or if you have a good-sized bathtub, maybe you could take a bubble bath together. It’s all too easy to grab a quick shower during the chaos of a working week so taking time to slow things down and luxuriating in the tub is a great way to spend even more quality time together.

Be sure to remove all the kid’s bath toys as they don’t strike a particularly romantic chord. If you do happen to get disturbed by young children and can’t quite get back to your date night resolve to continue where you left off the next day.

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