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how old is candy cat from peppa pig

Cartoon World: How Old Is Candy Cat from Peppa Pig?

by Martha Simmonds

If you grew up in the 2000s, you must have been a big fan of Peppa Pig, a popular British preschool animated TV series produced by Astley Baker Davies. Although the show has many characters, Candy Cat seems to always steal the limelight. Her fans always disagree about different aspects of her life, especially her age.

But, exactly, how old is Candy Cat from Peppa Pig?

Who Is Candy Cat?

Candy Cat

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Candy Cat is a female character in the Peppa Pig animated TV show. She is Peppa’s friend and wears a turquoise dress and black shoes. The character has been voiced by several actresses, including Daisy Rudd, Emma Weston, Zara Siddiqi, Madison Turner, and Tallulah Conabeare.

Candy Cat is the daughter of Mummy Cat and Daddy Cat. Apart from wearing a turquoise dress and black shoes, the orange cat sometimes appears dressed in a yellow coat. Although she’s Peppa’s friend, her best friend is Emily Elephant. Her personality is friendly and kind.

Green is her favorite color and she loves fish fingers and milk. She is fond of disguising herself as different things, depending on the occasion. For instance, she dresses as a witch at Peppa’s disguise party. Her dress code at this party comprises a magic wand, broom, and a witch’s hat.

She also casts a curse to turn her friend Peppa into a frog. Candy Cat loves singing, especially the cat and the fiddle nursery rhyme. Her love for tigers has enabled her to master all tiger moves, making her very good at playing a tiger.

She teaches her friends how to crawl along quietly and pounce on their prey, just like tigers. At school parties, she is always teaching her friends how to behave like tigers. But she still makes the meow sound like other cats. She also purrs when she’s happy.

Candy Cat has mastered the art of skipping, which is her talent. She always showcases it at the talent show. Candy Cat is well-informed about fish. That’s why she is always visiting the aquarium with her family.

At one point in the Peppa Pig show, she takes Peppa and her family to the aquarium to look for Goldie, a friend of Peppa’s pet fish.

What’s Peppa Pig Show?

Peppa Pig

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The Peppa Pig show tells the story of Peppa, an anthropomorphic female piglet, and her family, as well as her friends depicted as other animals. This British animated TV show first aired in May 2004, and it’s currently in its seventh season. The show has been aired in more than 180 countries around the world.

Through the years, Peppa herself has been voiced by several voice artists, including Lily Snowden-Fine, Cecily Bloom, Harley Bird, Amelie Bea Smith, and others.

In December 2019, the Peppa Pig franchise, along with Entertainment One, was acquired by Hasbro for a whopping $3.8 billion. In March 2021, the franchise announced that it had renewed the TV show until 2027.

But the originators and workshop (Astley Baker Davies) were replaced by the Karrot Entertainment studio, which produced Sarah & Duck, another popular British animated children’s TV series.

The Peppa Pig story takes place in a world where every character is an animal, and it revolves around Peppa, her family, and friends. Each of Peppa’s friends is a different animal species. All her friends are her age mates, while her brother George’s friends are his age mates.

Every episode is about 5 minutes long and features ordinary activities like attending playgroups, swimming, visiting grandparents, cousins, and peers, and riding bikes. All characters in the show wear human clothes and live in human houses. They even drive cars, but at times they display characteristics of animals.

For example, Peppa and her family snort like pigs when talking to each other, and the other characters make their respective noises during conversations.

However, some characters like rabbits display other characteristics like squeaking and eating carrots. This show first aired on Channel 5 and Nick Jr. in the United Kingdom (UK). Its first run in the United States happened between 2005 and 2007 as part of the Tickle-U preschool television programming block by Cartoon Network.

How Old Is Candy Cat from Peppa Pig?

How Old

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The actual age of Candy Cat in the Peppa Pig TV show has always been subject to debate. Nobody seems to have an idea of how old Candy Cat is. But the majority of fans believe that she is 4 years old, the same age as her friend Peppa and her peers.

As mentioned above, all of Peppa’s friends are her age mates. Therefore, since she is friends with Peppa, it’s safe to conclude that Candy Cat is the same age as Peppa, which is 4 years. Also, she and Peppa go to the same playgroup together with Suzy Sheep, Rebecca Rabbit, Pedro Pony, and Danny Dog. All these characters are children between 3 and 4 years.

Danny Dog and Pedro Pony celebrate their fourth birthdays in the series, but Candy Cat, Peppa, and the other friends are one year older than the two. Candy Cat becomes friends with Emily Elephant, who’s also four years old.

Who Is Candy Cat’s Dad?


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Candy Cat is the daughter of Mommy Cat and Daddy Cat. Daddy cat is the husband of Mommy Cat and he often appears in seasons three and four. Daddy Cat usually wears an indigo shirt and his fur is dark brown.

Unlike other characters in the show, Daddy Cat isn’t credited in the credits. Also referred to as Mr. Cat, the Daddy Cat character is voiced by John Sparkes. Little is known about Mr. Cat’s personality, but it’s assumed that he’s like other dads in the show. For instance, it’s assumed that he enjoys eating fish like his wife and daughter.

But unlike his wife and daughter, who are orange, Daddy Cat is brown. He also has white whiskers and facial hair. His mouth is brown and his triangular nose is dark brown, almost black. He wears a pair of black shoes.

Other Facts About Candy Cat

Apart from the orange fur, Candy Cat has white whiskers and a small triangular nose. Her lips are dark pink. She also wears a pair of black flat shoes, a white nappy, and a yellow hat with a magenta ribbon tied at the front in Poppies and Puddles.

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