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how to find where someone lives in uk

How To Find Where Someone Lives In The UK: 12 Helpful Ways

by Martha Simmonds

The evolution of technology and availability of online resources has made it easier and quicker to locate a person’s address in the United Kingdom. Some information may be a matter of public record and a simple search on the internet will be all you need. But, some can be more complex, requiring the right tools and resources.

So, how to find where someone lives in the UK? This article discusses various methods to help you out.

How To Find Where Someone Lives In The UK: 12 Helpful Ways

Using The Internet


The first method you can use to find where someone lives in the UK will require utilizing the internet. Today, almost everyone we know has a digital footprint. All information from their date of birth to their email address to their property ownership records to social media profiles can be found online. So you can easily find the addresses of your old friends online and rent a car on Rental24.co.uk to visit them.

Here are a few ways to use the internet to find someone.

#1. Reverse Phone Look-Up Tools

If you have a person’s phone number on hand, you can look at reverse phone lookup tools to find the person’s address. Reverse phone lookup tools are usually used to determine who owns a phone number.

So, if you only have a person’s phone number, you might be able to see their names using reverse phone lookup tools and make your search relatively easier.

#2. Searching White Pages

Another free and simple way to find someone in the UK is by searching through the White Pages. The good thing about using this tool is that the White Pages are now digitized, so you won’t have to acquire phone books and sift through the pages. Online white page sites will allow you to search for a phone number nationwide.

Using the white pages is also a reliable way to look for someone’s address.

#3. Search Engines

Searching on search engines is very simple. You first need to search for the person’s names and where in the UK they live to narrow down the search.

This will take a little time, especially if hundreds of search results exist. If you do not have their names, search for specific information you have like their phone number or email address.

#4. Online Directories

Online directories are quite similar to search engines when you are looking through a little background check for a potential employee or looking up information about someone new.

Online directories can be specific search sites for people or even a social media network with a lot of profile users. Although many online directories will be free for the initial search, you may have to pay a fee if you want more information.

#5. Social Networking Sites

One effective way to search for someone’s address if you have their name is by looking at one of the most extensive online directories available — Facebook.

Facebook has over hundred of millions of profile users in the world. So, you can type in the name of the person you’re looking for in the search tab and add other information like the city where they live, their workplace, or their school to help filter your search.

Some people may block personal information like their address and place of employment in their profiles, and others might not. There are also other social media sites to peruse, like Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn.

#6. Lost Friends Site

A unique way to look for someone’s address is by using a site called Lost Friends. Lost Friends aims to reconnect people using their unique system.

All you need to do is add some specific information about the person like their name and submit it to the site. If the person you’re looking for is also searching for you and has accessed the site too, they will know how to contact you.

#7. Address Finders

If you have the postcode or any part of the person’s address, you might want to look at Address Finders like the Royal Mail Postcode Finder site.

If you have more than a postcode like a street name or a house number, this site will help narrow down your search results. The only downside to this process is that it will only reveal UK addresses that also use the Postcode Finder, but it is worth the try.

Here are a few more address finders you can try:

  • ICQ Or MSN People Directories

ICQ and MSN are both computer and phone applications that have been around for several years and are still being used widely by millions of users. Because of this, both have a sizable directory of people. So, these options could lead you to find the person’s address or other helpful information you can use for your search.

  • Uktrace.Co.Uk

UK Trace has been available since 2004, and it has helped many people look for or find information about someone. If searching and sleuthing information from the web and on social media isn’t amounting to anything, you can always employ UK Trace’s services.

Aside from address, they are also experts in looking at other things you might need, like birth and marriage information. They offer several services you can get for free and charge a small fee for more complex services.

  • 192.Com

192.com is another site you can use to get a headstart on your search to find someone’s address. This is a straightforward site that will require just the name and the location of the person you’re searching for, whether in London, Fulham, etc.

Aside from that, they also offer advanced search settings that will help narrow down the search. If you know other information besides their name, such as whether they are living with someone or their age range, you can also try that information as well.

  • British Bt Phone Directory

Another online resource on how to find where someone lives in the UK is accessing the British BT Phone Directory. Whether it is a person or a business address you are looking for, all you need to do is add a person’s surname and the area, town, or postal code of where you think they might live.

However, you should note that not everyone’s number or address will be listed since people can opt-out of being listed in the Phone Book.

Without Using The Internet


Despite the world becoming largely digital, not everyone will have an online footprint. This can make it harder to look for them, but it’s not impossible!

You’ll just need to switch tracks and look at physical records like perusing a phonebook or looking through alumni directories. You can also consider placing ads in the newspaper or checking public records and hope they lead you to the person.

#8. Using A Phone Book

Although White and Yellow pages are now available on the internet, there is nothing wrong with looking at the source text — those thick, bulky phone books that were so common just a few years ago.

The first thing you need to decide is how you want to start your search. This will depend on what information is available to you, whether you know their name (which will be easier) or their phone number (which will require a lot of patience since there are millions of combinations in a phone book).

#9. Alumni Directories

If you’re looking for a former classmate’s address, the simplest option is to check the alumni directories. It is also a great way to network and build new connections. In doing so, you might also find other alumni who might have information or know the person you are looking for.

#10. Asking Around

If looking at records and internet searching is still not cutting it, and you are still unable to find their address, it might be time to start asking around. Reach out to common acquaintances or places you know they might frequent.

#11. Public Record Searches

One of the foolproof ways to search for someone’s address in the UK is by looking through public records. You will just need to figure out where to look.

These databases can not only provide you with an address but also access to other information like genealogy and criminal records. Most of these records will be files compiled by government agencies themselves, so you will want to visit the local public records office.

#12. Professional People Tracing Service

If all else fails, hiring a professional service is the last resort. Although this may seem like a drastic measure, it can be very useful to hire a people tracing service or agency, especially if you need to find a person because of a crime or other severe matters like locating them for a will.

These agencies will have several sources that an average person can’t access but they can utilize to get the address you need.

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