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how to lose weight fast for men

10 Tips on How to Lose Weight Fast For Men And Keep It Off

by Martha Simmonds

Weight loss is a combination of diet and exercise. Consume fewer calories than you burn and you lose weight — sounds simple enough. But, it’s not always easy to follow this simple rule to get the results you desire. For men, in particular, finding the right diet and workout routine can be challenging when you want to lose weight quickly, especially if you’re new to physical fitness.

To get you started, here’s a helpful guide on how to lose weight fast for men in sustainable and effective ways.

How To Lose Weight Fast For Men: 10 Effective Tips

Lose Weight

#1. Define Your Goal

Do you want to get rid of that stubborn beer belly? Are you interested in developing a lean, athletic body? Or do you just want to shed that extra holiday weight? Defining your weight loss goals will you set realistic expectations. Your reason to lose weight will serve as your daily motivation to work toward your goal.

When you self-assess your weight, your diet, and your workout routine, it will help you set out a roadmap along with a timeline to reach your target goal.

#2. Increase Your Fluid Intake

Proper hydration is necessary to keep your system running smoothly and efficiently. Keeping your body hydrated is essential for your body to function properly as well as keep your muscles healthy when you’re working out.

Drinking water more frequently will also help reduce hunger pangs and stop you from over-indulging your meals. You can also switch out plain water for teas or water flavored with fresh fruit slices so you can enjoy drinking your fluids more.

#3. Limit/Cut Out Processed Food

Packaged and instant food is convenient, but it also sets you up to fail. These delicious processed foods are laden with sugars and high sodium content that can have serious negative consequences.

If the temptation is too strong for you to resist, it is best not to keep any of this food in your pantry. You can stock up on healthy snacks instead. It may take a while to get used to these more nutritious treats, but in the long run, you’ll also find them to be just as delicious and much healthier.

#4. Stick To Fresh Vegetables And Fruits

We don’t need to tell you just how nutritious fresh fruits and vegetables are. You can load up on produce that’s rich in fiber and minerals. They are not only filling but will also give you the nutrients you need to power through workouts.

And if you are creative enough, you can even come up with appetizing meals with fruits and vegetables as the main ingredients.

#5. Track Your Calories

It may feel like an inconvenience at first, an added task to list all the food you are consuming, but tracking your calories will help you become more mindful of what you’re putting in your body.

You’ll be surprised by the amount you are eating at every meal and how most of it may not be helping you lose weight at all. You can use apps like MyFitnessPal to track your food intake.


#6. Don’t Skip Breakfast

We’re all constantly reminded of how breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And it’s true. Your breakfast is essentially the first meal of the day and helps jumpstart your metabolism.

Long-term weight management is more successful if you consistently eat your breakfast. Skipping your breakfast can cause you to feel hungry by mid-morning, which can lead to snacking and piling up on unwanted calories.

#7. Engage In Full-Body Workouts

Even if you have targeted weight loss goals, focusing on only one part of your body while working out is not a good idea. Engage in exercises that involve your entire body to reap the full benefits of your workout regime.

Squats, deadlifts, and pushups are especially effective. You can also look into interval training for a more sustained approach. You may also consider investing in a gym membership so a professional trainer can guide you during the first few months.

#8. Establish An Active Lifestyle

If your work is largely sedentary, try to balance it out with a more active lifestyle. Simple changes like walking to do your errands and taking the stairs instead of the elevator can go a long way in keeping your body active.

Avoid sitting in front of the laptop or TV for long hours. You can even set up your laptop in front of a treadmill, if possible. Make proactive changes in your everyday routine until being mobile becomes your norm.

#9. Reduce Your Portions

Portion control doesn’t mean going hungry or starving yourself. It simply means being more aware of your food consumption. For example, stop eating when you feel 80% full. If you’re a foodie, portion control can be even more difficult. But, if you want to lose weight, reducing your serving sizes can be very effective.

You can use smaller plates and bowls to trick your brain into thinking you’re eating more food than you are.

#10. Surround Yourself With Like-minded Friends

Being around people who have the same fitness goals as you or understand and respect your efforts can be incredibly helpful in your weight loss journey. It will not only motivate you to be active but also make losing weight feel more like a social activity as you can go running, cycling, or hiking together.

Benefits Of Losing Weight For Men In The Long Run

health benefit

Aside from feeling good without the excess rolls of fat, losing weight also offers a number of health benefits.

#1. Weight loss helps prevent putting too much pressure on your knees. The lighter you are, the less likely you’ll experience arthritis and joint inflammation.

#2. Losing weight not only affects you physically but also boosts your mental health. You may start to find yourself in a better mood.

#3. A common problem with individuals who are overweight is snoring. It is typically caused by fat deposits in the neck area. Losing weight can help address this problem and ensure restful sleep.

#4. Men with excess weight, especially in their midriff area, tend to tire quickly. Losing weight can easily give you more energy, allowing you to do more things you always wanted to. It can even improve your sex drive as weight loss increases libido and testosterone levels.

Areas Where Men Usually Prefer To Lose Weight

It is generally seen that men are keen on dropping the excess fat from their torso area. Many men develop a beer belly as they hit their 30s, so they’re keen on having more defined abs. Other areas many men work toward include muscular arms as well as strong legs.

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