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how to make a shirt bigger

How To Make A Shirt Bigger: 10 Best Options For You

by Martha Simmonds

Wearing an ill-fitted shirt, especially one that’s too small, can not only look shabby and unkempt but is often uncomfortable. You have to be watchful with your actions as any sudden movements may cause the buttons of your shirt to pop or the fabric to rip.

But that doesn’t mean you have to throw away good clothes! You can simply learn how to make a shirt bigger and reuse your favorite tees while feeling comfortable wearing them. Keep reading to learn how!

How To Make A Shirt Bigger: 10 Best Options For You


#1. Using Conditioner

One of the best ways to make your shirt larger is to relax its fibers.

All you need is to fill your basin or sink with cold water and add a tablespoon or two of hair conditioner. Soak your shirt for 15-20 minutes and drain the solution. Replace the cold water in your basin and swish the shirt around. Keep draining and replacing the water until the conditioner is completely removed.

Get as much water out of the shirt by letting it drip. Then, place the shirt between two absorbent towels and press them together so the towels can soak up more water.

Set the shirt on a flat surface and gently stretch it on the areas that need to be resized. And then let the shirt dry naturally.

#2. Iron The Wet Shirt

Another easy and effective method is using an iron.

First, prep the shirt by submerging it in cool water for about 15 minutes — this will help loosen the fabric. Then, place your shirt on a flat surface and put an ironing board on top of it. If you don’t have an ironing board, any flat object would do. This is just to ensure that your shirt is kept in place and won’t be moved around.

Next, prepare your iron and set it to medium-low and then press down on all the areas to ensure you get all the wrinkles out. While the shirt is being subjected to heat, tug on the areas that need to be resized and ensure that no creases are formed.

Hang your shirt to dry, and you’ll notice that the areas where it was stretched and ironed have conformed to its new size.

#3. Stretch The Cloth In The Shower

While wearing your shirt, hop into the shower and let the water wet your shirt. This may feel uncomfortable, but by wearing it, you’ll know how much to pull on the fabric.

While in the shower, you can tug the sleeves to make them longer or pull at the sides and stretch them out until you get your desired size. Step out of the shower and let the fabric dry while still on you. Now is an excellent time to be outside, so the sun and the air can help dry the shirt faster.

Once almost dry, you can take it off and then let it air dry.

Make sure you only use this method on a warm, sunny day to avoid getting sick!

#4. Tug And Hand Stretch

Wet your shirt or soak it in cold water for 10 to 20 minutes. Put the shirt in between two dry towels and press out as much water as you can.

Hang the shirt on a hanger and then tug on the areas that you need to be longer or stretched out.

Just be careful because there are fabrics that easily get stretched when wet, and you don’t want to overdo it.

#5. Use Weights To Stretch

This method works best for thicker fabrics as you will be using weights to stretch out the arms or sleeves and the torso part of your shirt.

You can use readily available weights in your home like canned goods, sandbags, and anything heavy to help retain the form while stretching the shirt.


#6. Body Stretch The Shirt

Here’s a fun way to make your shirt bigger — just ask a friend who’s larger than you to wear it for a day.

You can even ask your friend to do some light stretches to loosen up the fabric, like lifting their arms.

Just make sure you get a friend who has a similar body type as you to avoid overstretching the fabric in the wrong places.

#7. Chair Stretch The Shirt

Another way to make your shirt bigger is to put it on the back of a larger chair and let it stretch according to the chair’s width.

This won’t be effective on the sleeves though as it only works for making the sides bigger.

Also, use caution and choose a chair that has a smooth side. You don’t want to have your shirt conforming to the curves and bumps of the chair, or accidentally ripping it due to some sharp corners.

#8. Water Soak And Hang Dry Stretch

This simple method involves loosening the fabric of your shirt by soaking it in cold water for a maximum of 20 minutes. Then, hang it on your clothesline using pins or a hanger and gently stretch the areas that you need to become bigger.

You have to ensure that your shirt is still damp while doing this, and then allow it to dry naturally.

#9. Washing Machine Stretch

You can even use your washing machine to stretch your shirt. Let your shirt go through the regular cycle in the machine to loosen the shirt fabric. Then, lay your shirt on a towel and let the towel absorb as much water as possible.

Never wring out the shirt as it will cause wrinkles and may even damage your shirt’s fabric.

Then, once your shirt is flat, stretch the areas you need to expand. Pull the sleeves while holding the shoulder and cuffs, and if you want the chest area to be larger, gently pull your shirt’s side seams.

Once stretched, let it dry naturally.

#10. Sew In Extra Fabric

Sewing extra fabric like a cloth in complementing color, some garter, or lace is undoubtedly the most common method to make a shirt bigger.

You can attach an additional inch or two of cloth to the side panels to loosen out the sides. Or if you want to add some length, use the same cloth if you can or a contrasting knit or fabric at the bottom.

If you feel bold and confident, you can add a gusset at the back to give your shirt better form.

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