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How To Quit Smoking: Useful Tips From The Experts

by Martha Simmonds

For many people who smoke, it is an addiction and not easy to break. Nicotine is one of the most addictive substances, and if you are a smoker, then you will know that it is not easy to quit smoking.

You might feel like you cannot just give up something that has become such an integral part of your life at the drop of a hat. While many people are successful in quitting smoking within weeks, others find it much more difficult to achieve.

The good news is that there are some useful tips that can make the process a bit easier for you, and will hopefully see your quit attempt to be more successful.

1. Ease Out Of It

Quitting cold turkey is commendable, but it’s also one of the hardest ways to go about it. It can leave you with cravings and heightened feelings of stress or anxiousness. Instead, you might want to consider vaping products instead of smoking cigarettes.

That is because e-cigarettes have been found to be a useful tool for many people in tobacco cessation. Not only do they mimic the feeling of smoking, but they also provide nicotine without all the harmful substances that can lead to cancer and other diseases. There are also other options such as chewing tobacco, these products have also been found to be helpful when one is trying to quit smoking, although there have been some unconfirmed reports of minor side effects like hair loss from chewing tobacco.

In addition, you can control the amount of nicotine you’re getting to the point where you can eventually quit it completely with this tool.

2. Find Your Motivation

You are your own person, and nobody is going to force you into quitting smoking except yourself. And if that motivation isn’t there, then trying to quit will be extremely difficult.

Sometimes the best way to find your personal motivation for quitting smoking is by asking friends or family for help. They are often willing to support you in reaching your goal of being a non-smoker.

You might also want to try creating a list of the reasons why you’re quitting smoking and reading it every day. In addition, you can join a support group for people who are trying to quit smoking – they have been known to help many people stay on track!

If you stopped smoking because of a reason, and that simply doesn’t resonate with you anymore – that just means that you need to look deeper. Just like we change, our motivation can change as well.

3. Establish A Support System

It can be extremely difficult or even impossible to quit smoking if you don’t have the support of your friends, family, and loved ones. After all, nicotine is an incredibly addictive drug that has been found to affect parts of the brain associated with pleasure.

There are many cases where people will relapse because they don’t have a strong enough support system in place to help them continue with their healthy habits. In addition, consider joining a support group for people who are trying to quit smoking.

You can make friends in the group, and it’ll be easier for you to stay on track! At the same time, it’s important to talk to the people you hang out with and ask them not to offer you a smoke.

If you’re close, you can even ask them not to smoke in front of you – that can go a long way in helping reduce your cravings.

4. Find Healthy Ways To Relax

Stress is one of the primary reasons why people turn to smoke cigarettes. While it’s not easy for your brain to just forget about that pleasurable feeling you get when you smoke, if you want to quit then it is an important thing to do.

Try practicing yoga or meditation in order to alleviate stress and anxiety. Other proven ways include listening to music, hot baths, exercising regularly, and spending more time outside. Also, find healthy ways to deal with your anger.

Most of all, have fun! There are many things you can do that are just as pleasurable without using cigarettes or vaping. Developing healthy habits can also be a great stress reliever.

It’s important to stay focused on the small changes that you’re making in your life, rather than looking at an entire journey of quitting smoking as one big goal. That can make it much easier to cope.

5. Avoid Triggers

You want to avoid triggers that can make you want to smoke because they are the primary reason people relapse. Instead of going to your favorite coffee shop or bar where people are smoking, choose different places.

Avoiding things like alcohol and caffeine is also a good idea because it might make you more likely to smoke if you’re drinking or under the influence, or while adhering to other habits that used to accompany smoking.

In addition, avoid people who you know will make you want to smoke because it can be extra hard to resist peer pressure when you’ve just stopped smoking.

If you’re going for a walk in a park where there are smokers, then try bringing friends with you that don’t smoke – that way they can keep your hands busy and occupied with other activities.

Addiction is one of the toughest things to overcome in life. However, if you’re trying to quit smoking, there are some useful tips that can help make the process easier for you!

While ideally, you’ll only need to stop smoking once – even if you relapse, don’t be too hard on yourself, and don’t give up. Try and try again until you can be successful.

Remember – this is a journey and not a single event, so don’t feel discouraged if it takes a little while before you stop for good.

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