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Ideal Summer Vacation: 11 Destinations for Students

Many students falsely believe that summer vacation is usually a costly adventure. It’s true but only if it’s not planned in advance.

If you start making arrangements a few weeks or even months ahead, high chances are that your summer vacation won’t be that expensive. Moreover, you’ll most likely spend it far more interestingly.

At the same time, you won’t be forced to cut fast essay writing services off your budget. You’ll have enough funds to carry on your student life the way it used to be while saving enough for vacation. To find more information about essay services you can read some reviews

If you want to know what destinations are ideal for student vacation, here is our top list.

1. Corfu

The Greek Islands have been known for being an ideal place for summer chill. They are very beautiful but distinct from one another. 

Corfu stands out from the rest of the Ionian Islands for its rural landscapes, deep-blue seawater, and especially hospitable people. It makes it to the top of the list of great travel destinations because all this beauty is quite affordable. Moreover, summer vacation here may last all year round if you want, with summers being hot and winters mild.

2. Crete

Crete is another popular destination for summer vacation. This place is truly the one that can make all your dreams come true. This island can brag about crystal-blue water and jaw-dropping landscapes with white houses and amazing historical sites.

Crete is definitely worth visiting for its unique atmosphere, wonderful cuisine, and deserted beaches. You won’t find such a combination anywhere else.

3. Cote d’Azur

Do you think that the French Riviera is only for the rich? Every student can afford to go there on vacation. Early planning can ensure that you get the best quality for reasonable money.

Nice’s beaches are well-known for their unique watercolor, amazing sunsets, and delicious snacks offered in the nearest bars. Cannes’ promenade, on the contrary, will make you feel as if you were a movie star. Why not plan beforehand to live this time of summer to the fullest?

4. Soorts-Hossegor

Hossegor is a top destination for surfers that has a reputation of being the best place to start surfing. If you want to travel and try something new, you should consider going to this place in France.

Moreover, this is definitely the best place for students to spend their vacation because it’s extremely budget-friendly. All you have to do is to start planning your visit in advance. Then, quite possibly, you’ll have a chance to cut your costs by half.

5. Sicily

Many people’s dream to visit the capital of the Italian mafia may come true for you if you are up for a long trip. This island is unlike the rest of Italy. It has all the attributes of an independent state, including both the authorities and local culture.

It’s definitely worth going to Sicily on vacation because this place offers both fascinating history and beautiful landscapes together. Rich Catholic architecture will impress those who are fond of European culture. Those who are keen on crystal-blue water will find Sicilian beaches amazing.

6. Sardinia

Italy tops all other European states in terms of the number of dream destinations for a perfect summer vacation. The island called Sardinia is one of its biggest gems. It has its own unique history and traditions cherished and respected by people of different incomes and backgrounds.

Being the largest Italian island, Sardinia can – and will – make you feel as if you own it as a whole. This vacation will truly make you learn new things while making sure you return refreshed and energized.

7. Barcelona

Barcelona is one of the most rebellious cities in Spain. It has a large economic potential, glorious history, and even its own language, which altogether explains the thirst for independence that its people have. 

As a tourist, you’ll obviously focus on the unique city’s architecture and long municipal beaches. In addition, Barcelona’s nightlife makes it a favorite place to go for American and European youth.

8. Portugal

Surfers from around the globe go to Portugal to catch the best waves in their lives. We specifically mentioned a whole country rather than a city because different places in Portugal have their own devoted fans. If you love this sport, Portugal is a must-visit.

Traveling to Portugal is definitely worth every cent you will spend. You’ll not only surf in the ocean catching the best waves but also get to see an amazing country that once owned the world’s strongest navy.

9. Montenegro

Montenegro is truly a hidden European pearl with beautiful nature, crystal clear seawater, and amazingly friendly people. This is the place where mountains meet the sea, and you get a chance to be surrounded by incredible beauty.

Since Montenegro is not a well-known brand yet, it’s not so popular among rich tourists. At the same time, its business model is oriented toward backpackers and budget travelers. That means you’ll get all the perks for a reasonable price.

10. Albania

It’s hard to believe that such a beautiful country in the heart of the Balkans is still not overpriced. Surprisingly, most of the country’s best attractions are still free to use. Local people are not spoiled by tourists, so they cherish their reputation of being hospitable and kind people.

Albanian nature and landscapes are beyond imaginable. The whole country is surrounded by the sea and mountains, turning those serpentine roads into a new definition of beauty. Albania is definitely a place one would recommend visiting.

11. Turkey

Turkey might not seem to be an obvious choice, but it’s definitely worth visiting as well. The country’s currency devolved, making all prices cheaper for foreigners. That means you can have a five-star vacation at a lower than reasonable price.

However, don’t go to well-known and popular places like Antalya and Alanya. Be an adventurer who discovers new places. Pay attention to the cities overlooking the Aegean Sea. You’ll be surprised how diverse this country is.

Final Words

Obviously, these are not the only destinations we have to offer. There are many more wonderful places that you should visit at least once in a lifetime.

However, these countries and cities cover most of the must-visit destinations in Europe. In addition, upon visiting those countries, you won’t go bankrupt. This is guaranteed.

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