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5 Ways To Improve Your Focus In 2021

by Martha Simmonds

Technological advancements have made it possible for people to perform tasks simultaneously more quickly and efficiently. In other words, technology helps increase productivity. However, there’s also a downside. Technology also hosts various distractions that make can make it difficult for anyone to focus on certain tasks at hand.

All of us have been there. One moment, you’re performing your tasks efficiently, and the next thing you know, you’ve been mindlessly browsing social media for almost an hour. There’s an array of entertainment venues available through technology. Aside from social media, there are streaming platforms, media, games, and other forms of interactive content that can divert your attention for hours on end.

With various distractions, maintaining focus in this modern age is difficult to accomplish. Worry not, because this article lists down some helpful ways to improve your concentration this year.

1. Train Your Brain

Studies show that spending at least 15 minutes a day, five days per week, on brain training can have a big impact on enhancing your concentration. Aside from being a good stimulator for your nerve cells, brain games can help you develop your memory.

Additionally, these brain training games can also be a great help in enhancing not just your problem-solving skills, but also your interpersonal skills. Some examples of these brain training games include:

• Jigsaw Puzzles
• Chess
• Scrambles
• Sudoku
• Crossword Puzzles
• Memory Games

These games may help you to effectively channel your focus, especially when you’re having a hard time solving the levels. You can also improve concentration and keep your mind alert through these games.

If playing games will just be another distraction for you, you might want to explore productivity apps instead. There are apps that can help you improve concentration and focus. There are also methods, like the Pomodoro technique, that you can try implementing.

2. Give Yourself Time To Relax

Does the idea of taking a break from work to increase concentration and productivity sound bizarre to you? While that might be your initial reaction after learning about this alternative, you must know that giving yourself time to breathe can help you revitalize and rejuvenate yourself.

Spending the majority of your time at work and staying in a relatively enclosed place may reduce your motivation and concentration. Overworking can eventually lead to burnout. While you might still try to continue and force yourself to keep going, you won’t be able to maintain your entire focus on your tasks. Your performance might even suffer due to a lack of interest, focus, and concentration.

Forcing yourself to work even under stress might lead to more mental health issues. When this happens, take a short mental break. Relaxing and taking time off will give you renewed energy and motivation to go on with day-to-day responsibilities.

So, go and take a quick walk, try to go outside to see other things, and replenish yourself with a nutritious snack or cool drink. You may also try relaxing with CBD oils. Check out this article here to know how that works.improve your focus

3. Improve Sleep

One of the most common factors that can impede you from staying focused is your lack of adequate sleep and rest. Sleep deprivation, in particular, can easily disrupt the brain’s functionality. Aside from that, this can also affect other cognitive functions, such as attention, comprehension, and memory.

When you constantly lack sleep, your body does not get the chance to recharge and rejuvenate properly. This can significantly affect your mood, behavior, concentration, and performance at work.

Additionally, exhaustion and fatigue can affect your ability to react to certain situations, slow down your reflexes, and impede you from finishing daily tasks effectively. That’s why you must start taking care of your body and make sure that you get at least seven to eight hours of sleep every day.

4. Allot Time For Exercise

To stay focused, you must know the importance of engaging in outdoor activities or even in simple routines which can improve your condition and concentration. Also, increased concentration is one of the many benefits of regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle. Daily activities, in particular, could assist in enhancing your ability to stay focused and maintain concentration after just a few weeks.

Allotting some of your spare time for physical activities may help you keep your body in a good condition and stay physically fit. Also, this may be beneficial in maintaining your concentration and focus and help you to be the healthiest version of yourself.

Exercising also triggers the release of dopamine levels in your brain which helps improve your mood and productivity. Engaging in simple aerobic physical activities, even just for a year, can also help improve concentration and prevent memory loss.

5. Set Daily Goals

Goal setting is crucial if you want to maintain focus and productivity. While most people may think that it doesn’t make a difference, knowing what you’re aiming for and what things must be prioritized helps you channel your attention to the most important tasks at hand. Setting your goals also allows you to keep track of your activities, measure your accomplishments, and further motivate you to do better.

Establishing your daily goals also provides you clarity for proper decision-making. With an organized to-do list, your mind will have a guide on what to focus on. This helps if you have a lot of tasks on your plate and you need to maximize your time to be more efficient.

Setting daily goals will also avoid you from becoming idle since you already have a list of things to do at certain times of the day. In other words, setting daily goals help you properly manage your time—allowing you to squeeze in more time for self-care whenever possible.

Key Takeaway

Maintaining your focus on a certain task or workload can be daunting, especially with external factors that may affect your concentration. Distractions, in particular, can hinder you from getting things done and finishing certain tasks assigned to you.

To prevent being in the same scenario again, some of the helpful ways to improve your focus this year include training your mind through brain games, getting enough sleep, engaging in physical activities, giving yourself enough time to unwind, and setting daily goals.

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