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incorporate rose gold into wedding day look

How To Incorporate Rose Gold Into Your Wedding Day Look

by Martha Simmonds

There’s no question that rose gold is a metal made for romance — it has a way of being extravagant and subtle at the same time like a sunset blushing its way across the sky. Is that over the top? Get used to it. Rose gold tends to have that effect.

The pink metal may have swept the past decade off its feet, but even though rose gold rings for women are an established proposal mainstay, a lot of brides are still unsure how best to incorporate its soft sophistication into their personal wedding style.

That’s because generations of brides have been conditioned to follow a road marked with white, silver and the odd bit of gold. But we promise letting some rosy tones blossom along the bridal path won’t knock your wedding look off the course.

The Dress

If you want, you can completely commit to the shade with a rose gold dress. Frankly, you can often save by buying a rose gold bridesmaid dress that just happens to look stunning on you.

Don’t worry about what section of the store you selected the dress in. When your wedding look is fire emoji and your soon-to-be spouse’s first look at you in it is also fire emoji, “smoldering” is the only label that counts.

However, if you still want a white dress, but one that works well with rose gold, you should consider the warmer shades: ivory, off-white, blush champagne, etc. Any rose gold jewelry will further enkindle those colors without compromising the shade. If you want to make doubly sure that’s the case, bring along a rose gold wedding necklace when you are dress shopping.

And if your mom finds a gorgeous mother-of-the-bride dress that guarantees she will look spectacular next to you in pictures, well that’s a nice bonus for someone who is really working overtime on the whole wedding planning thing.

Just the Rings

You loved your rose gold engagement ring so much that you doubled down on rose gold wedding bands for the both of you before you even started dress shopping. Then you fell in love with a dress that wasn’t quite an ideal shade match for the metals. You’re fine with that, especially because you are going to be wearing the dress for a day and the rings forever after.

The rings by themselves aren’t going to throw everything off — most people carry on with the same rings even when they cycle through their wardrobe (though interchangeable rings are increasingly becoming a thing).

Repeat this mantra: if the dress looks good on you and the rings look good on your finger, that’s what matters.

Rose Gold Manicure

Rose gold is a manicurist’s dream. You can pick that exact sheen of polish, but you can also select apple red to draw out the tone of the rose gold jewelry you are wearing.

You can keep everything uniform, or you can embrace the over-the-top nature of the shade and the day itself and experiment with dramatic individual patterns for different fingers, especially the one that is being graced with the ring itself.

Wedding Jewelry

You love rose gold, but you also love other metals, and you’ve been told you can’t mix metals, so what do you do? Here’s the deal.

This is the first day of your married life, not your last chance to wear metals, so if you want to keep things simple and pretend that your rings aren’t part of the equation or stick to a single metal, that’s totally fine. But, also, you can totally mix metals.

One way to accomplish that blending is to have a bridge piece that contains the two different metals. Or you can make sure that the style or theme of the jewelry pieces binds them together, even if their color does not.

It’s important to find a balance — you don’t want it to seem like you grabbed five bracelets from a drawer on your wedding day without noticing that one of them was different from all the rest.

Other Accessories

Metallic accessories aren’t the only opportunities to dab a bit of rose gold into your wedding day look. From sparkling shoes to the wave of bridal headbands that are tying the knot across the upcoming wedding season, rose gold can be a foundational element or a crowning touch.

And while we usually think of rose gold as something that comes from a mine, we shouldn’t forget that it gets its name from a flower. So if you are thinking about what compliments a rosy sheen of gold, consider a gold-leaning bouquet of roses.

The Wedding Itself

The wedding is more than just the backdrop for a bridal outfit. It’s all the people you love brought together in the joyful celebration of a lifelong union. But, also, it does happen to be a backdrop for your bridal outfit!

So if you are moving amid rose gold centerpieces and cutlery, or taking pictures against sunset-colored drapery, that’s going to be infused into the memories people have of you at your wedding (and the framed picture that’s propped up on your nightstand).

So even if it’s not something you are wearing, it’s still a part of your wedding look. Plan accordingly.

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