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increase brand awareness and engagement

How To Increase Your Brand Awareness And Engagement ?

by Martha Simmonds

Starting a business is easy but making it big is a monumental task.

Every business needs something unique and genius to stay afloat in this competitive market. In this game, your Brand is your identity.

Hundreds if not thousands of new brands are entering the arena daily. To snatch the limelight, every successful entrepreneur uses secret tricks that skyrocket brand awareness while maintaining engagement at its peak.

Well, not a secret anymore. You’re going to learn it all very soon.

What is Brand Awareness?

Putting it simply, brand awareness is – “how much do the customers know your brand?”. It is vital because we prefer familiar faces most. The Brand they remember is the Brand they’re going to buy.

In this era of eCommerce and app-based shopping, the internet is the only way to strike the public mind. In a nutshell, digital marketing is the most effective way to gain engagement. You must set up good digital marketing strategies for it.

How do you increase brand awareness and engagement?

Guest Blog posts: Blog posts are an amazing way to share all the basic know-how about your Brand in the marketplace.

• Every aspiring business must have its own website and blog page. That’s the first footprint.

• Guest blogs are 10x better than your own blog site as you can reach a huge, trusted audience base in a jiffy.

• Blogs with less text and more shareable infographics hit people’s memory better.

• Plenty of reputed blog sites and digital marketing professionals accept guest blogs.

• A well-written brief article with promptly added call-to-action options interests customers in exploring your business.

Social Media: Needless to say, social media is where society lives. So besides professional business people, if you dream of reaching the mass market, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are the Genie for you.

• Posting new info and updates daily keeps potential customers hooked to the Brand.

• This is a great way to gain organic engagement.

• Social media algorithms work automatically in favor when people start to notice your content. It’s an uphill journey.

• Fastest, cheapest medium for advertising and marketing.

Experiential Marketing: in simple words, this is an innovative strategy where potential customers get an immersive experience of the actual product or Brand in a limited form. Sounds greek?

• Remember when Pepsi organized a virtual concert for health workers during the COVID-19 lockdown? Be it a fashion show, free goodies, food tasting events, and more. Customers get to try your product and enjoy quality time with their gang; a wholesome experience is thus assured. If this doesn’t get attention, what else will?

• Offer something that people like. Demo sessions and workshops are one of the most innovative ways to get into the sweet spot in a customer’s mind. The audience gets an overview while your Brand gets exposure—a win-win situation for both.

You may glance through this official Crowdculture site, where they routinely provide a 30 minutes strategy session to identify customer needs and expectations.

An international survey by finance daily says, 85% of the audience decides to buy after an experiential marketing event, and 75% of existing customers become repeat consumers as well. Does it need more explanation?

SEO optimization: Learn to make the search engine work for you.

• SEO-optimized sites perform way better as the search engine loves those, and customers get to see those.

• Proper Keyword research is the most crucial part of this. A dedicated team is required to update relevant and popular keywords from time to time.

We can’t emphasize more the pivotal role SEO optimization plays in getting engagement. For a quick guide on SEO and site rankings, you should check out this blog.

Market analysis and field Research :

What is a brand if it’s not needed in the market?

• The product should be in high demand at that moment, and it should adapt accordingly.

• Constant market analysis is needed to understand the trends. Field research also provides fresh data on the customer’s choice.

Feedback and grievances:

All large brands focus heavily on customer feedback. Often they have dedicated grievance cells as well.

• Customers determine the market performance of your Brand. Needless to say, a brand can not establish itself without listening to public opinions first.

• People feel valued when a brand makes necessary changes and offers help as per their complaints. An approachable brand is a trusted brand.

Build a Voice:

Whenever you think about soft drinks, Coca-Cola probably comes up first in your mind (yes, in my case, it does). You remember that fine taste, the color, the tangy smell, and even the name calligraphy on the label almost instantly. That’s what Brand Awareness at its best looks like.

• Open a YouTube channel, start a podcast, run advertisements on TV channels, newspapers, Facebook marketplace, billboards, literally everywhere, do a giveaway.. and keep doing all this in a well-organized, consistent manner. Don’t let the world forget you.

• Use vernacular tongue on regional markets. This is a smart trick to get familiar with a new target area.

• Choose a specific color, logo, and font right from the beginning and stick to it. Make it your brand identity.

That’s all for now. Not everything can be explained in words, and that’s an absolute truth regarding business and marketing. Beginning with a solid strategy is the first step toward success; the rest comes with diligence and consistency.

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