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Tips To Increase Likes On Your Instagram Account

We are all fond of participating on social media platforms. Try to view private Instagram profiles and you will find that people thrive on posting selfies and sunset photos with special effects because everyone is a photographer for Instagram. We do this to increase our engagement rates on Instagram. However, the biggest acceptance on Instagram is the count of Likes you get from your followers.

Gaining more likes means you are exposing yourself on social media platforms. While it can be a factor of initial concern, it has an array of other benefits too. When you achieve more likes, your Instagram post gets a higher ranking in the user news feeds. More likes can increase more followers, drive more traffic, as more people tend to go through your account and will be keen to know about your next post on Instagram.

Thus, to help you in this regard, this blog will share a medley of tips assembled in different segments to increase ‘Like’ counts per post on Instagram.

1. Sharing high-quality images work on Instagram

The concept of uploading high-quality images always works on Instagram. Don’t post any photos that are too blurry, pixelated, or dark. Try some photo editing software to make your photos look clear and attractive on Instagram. And if you are craving more likes, post something that your followers will love to see.

Study the historical graph of your previous posts and analyze which one has got more likes. And according to that, post something relevant to your more liked posts. If you are a newbie on Instagram, do some research by peeping into other famous peoples’ accounts, see what they are posting, getting an idea about the concept.

Other than this, even the designed images perform well on Instagram. If you share predesigned photos, don’t forget to add some exciting overlay text, such as a quote or fact or something entertaining that can drive more likes. Good content never fails to achieve more likes on social media platforms.

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2. Adding engaging captions

If you want likes on your photos, ask for them from your followers. You can start with a simple message, “please like this photo”, in the caption box, which also wonderfully works on your Instagram portfolio. You can also study the profile of any leading company such as Foundr, who opts for overlay text or captions asking for likes on their Instagram accounts. Hence to get the most out of your high-quality image, you need to make your caption enjoyable and value-packed.

You can also add an emotional story in the caption box to get more likes, as emotions always strike right at the heart of common people. Providing tricks or tips of everyday household works, professional advice, etc., can increase your likes count; you aim to create nostalgia and humor in your content, to drive likes.

3. Like and comment on other Posts

It is a crucial part but practical enough to drive more likes and generate new followers. Show genuine interest in other content by giving a few likes and comments on other content to get more likes on your posts, perhaps even a new follower. It is helpful mainly in business-oriented Instagram accounts.

Instagram providers have released that if you show your interest in other Instagram users, the more you will be recognized as a real person. This platform’s algorithm works to authenticate users who are showing more interest in other users.

And Finally, Know Your Audience

Knowing the likes and dislikes of your audience is very crucial, without which you cannot drive more likes. You can tailor your content according to it to appease them, as Instagram is as simple as we know.

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