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7 Insider Secrets Your Spring Cleaning Service Won’t Share with You

by Martha Simmonds

When it comes to Chicago house cleaning services, being well-informed about the undisclosed aspects of spring cleaning is crucial for consumers.

For transparency, Fresh Tech Maid, a Chicago maid service, aims to reveal these “secret” insights to empower consumers in making educated decisions and fostering a mutually beneficial relationship between consumers and service providers.

An educated client is the best client. By revealing these insider secrets, we promote integrity, honesty, and mutual understanding between clients and spring cleaning providers.

1. The Employment Model: Independent Contractors vs. Employees

Some cleaning service providers outsource spring cleaning to independent contractors (ICs) rather than hiring and training their own employees to cut costs. A cleaning company can save up to 30% of payroll costs, by hiring ICs, because the company can avoid paying payroll taxes, unemployment insurance, workers’ compensation and disability, pensions, sick days, health insurance and vacation time.

It’s important to inquire whether a company utilizes ICs or its own employees for providing spring cleaning services.

Lack of transparency regarding the use of ICs should be a red flag, as regulations prohibit training ICs, potentially leading to subpar service quality due to inadequate training.

The employment regulations dictate that if a company trains ICs, then the company must classify these ICs as employees, increasing the company’s payroll cost up to 30%. As a result, the lack of training for ICs often lead to poor cleaning quality.

2. Hidden Costs of Hiring Spring Cleaning Services

The direct payment to the cleaning company is just one aspect of the total expense associated with spring cleaning services.

Additional hidden costs may stem from the time spent monitoring cleaning tasks, addressing subpar cleaning outcomes, and navigating unsatisfactory customer service. Prioritizing superior quality work and exemplary customer service, even if it entails higher costs, can ultimately mitigate these concealed expenses.

Your time and stress is the most expensive thing in your life. Do not burden yourself even more, by hiring a poor spring cleaning service.

3. The Health Risks of Chemical Residues

Cleaning chemicals leave behind invisible residues that pose potential health risks, such as asthma, allergy, and cancer.

Consumers should inquire about innovative chemical-free cleaning technologies that not only yield superior results but also mitigate health concerns associated with chemical residues, promoting a healthier and safer environment.

Chemical-free cleaning also has lower carbon imprint. It is very friendly to the environment.

4. Sales Tactics: The Same Cleaner Guarantee

Promises of consistent service from the same cleaner for every appointment should be approached with caution, as turnover and absences in service industries make such guarantees unrealistic.

Inquiring about a company’s turnover record and the possibility of changing cleaners helps assess a maid service’s trustworthiness before making an informed decision.

Over promise and under deliver are very common in maid services. You do not want to be a victim!

Instead, look for a house cleaning services who under promise and over deliver, a sure sign of trustworthiness. These companies tend to acknowledge that it takes 3 cleanings to optimize a service. They have a solid and honest process to obtain your feedback and take immediate actions on your feedback.

They do not just want to make a sale. They want to deliver for the long run!

5. The Trick of Low Hourly Rates in House Cleaning Services

Beware of low hourly rates that may result in higher overall prices due to extended hours of cleaning required.

Low hourly rate appears to indicate lower price. Not true, because price = hourly rate x cleaning hours.

Seeking transparency on the anticipated hours needed for cleaning tasks is vital for managing your spring cleaning budget eZectively.

Pay attention to not only hourly rate, but also time needed for the cleaning. A great cleaning company may have higher hourly rate, but much less cleaning hours to deliver, because its employees are well trained and are super eZicient!

6. Sustaining Cleaning Quality Over Time

While the initial cleaning quality is important, some companies focus on impressing clients initially, knowing that sustaining the quality for future cleanings may be unlikely.

Consumers should prioritize a cleaning service that actively seeks feedback and continuously improves cleaning quality over time, emphasizing the importance of eZective communication and responsiveness to feedback.

7. Health Risks of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in Cleaning Solutions

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) present in cleaning products can contribute to various health issues, including cancer.

Reject cleaning products loaded with VOCs and opting for natural, scent-free alternatives can mitigate potential health risks associated with chemical cleaning agents.

In summary, these seven insights into the inner workings of spring cleaning providers aim to equip consumers with the knowledge necessary to navigate their options and make informed decisions. By understanding the dynamics of the house cleaning industry, consumers can choose high-quality Chicago spring cleaning services that prioritize transparency, quality, and customer satisfaction.

If you need further assistance, feel free to contact Fresh Tech Maid, a Chicago house cleaning service, to ensure a well-executed job that allows you to enjoy the beautiful spring stress-free.

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