israel perfect vacation for history lovers

Why Israel Is The Perfect Vacation For History Lovers

Israel doesn’t get the credit it deserves for being an incredible vacation destination. The stone and cobbled architecture are beautiful, with many buildings dating back thousands of years, many of which are steeped in religion. Religion is actually one of the reasons why it’s the perfect vacation for history lovers. Much of Israel’s history centers around religion, with Judaism, Christianity, and Islam having strong ties to the historic country. Below, we’ll look at why it should be your next vacation destination if you’re a history lover.

The History Of Israel

Israel has a chequered history – modern-day Israel is the first world’s first Jewish state in over two millennia. Modern-day Israel represents the restored Jewish homeland following the fall of the Herodian kingdom many thousands of years ago.

Interestingly, Israel only declared independence in 1948. Before that, Israel was under British control following the 2nd World War, and for many years before that, it was the Persians, Greek, Romans, Arabs, and many other groups who had control over Israel.

As it’s easy to see, Israel has a history involving anything but independence, but one constant is the religion that’s the backbone of its history.

Why Religion Is The Past, Present, And Future Of Israel

Religion is at the heart of Israel; it’s perhaps one of the most religious countries in the world. Much of what we know about the history of Israel comes from the Hebrew Bible, for example. Judaism is the dominant religion, but Christianity and Islam are also commonplace. Israel is the birthplace of the Hebrew Bible, Jesus, and the Jewish people.

Despite multiple religions, arguably, Judaism is the very foundation of the past, present, and future of Israel. From the religious foundations comes beautiful art as displayed on the Nadav Art Site, the stunning architecture of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre or the Tower of David, and the rich culture that Israel is famous for.

Historical Sites To Visit In Israel

History lovers will want to pick out some of the best historical sites to visit, and Israel definitely has plenty of them. Each historical site offers a different experience, but many centers around religion. For a more rounded experience that delves into the history of Israel itself, the Israel museum in Jerusalem tells the story is Israel perfectly.

There’s also Yad Vashem, a holocaust memorial that tells the harrowing tale of the suffering of Jewish people. The Masada National Park is also a popular tourist spot, showcasing the ruins of King Harold’s palace and its own museum.

There are tons of historical sites to visit in Israel – no matter what part you’re staying in, there’s almost something on every corner.

Israel is a beautiful country. It’s authentic, and almost dated. Although we consider it modern Israel, much of the country still seems stuck in time. Perhaps it’s the cobbled streets and stone architecture, or maybe it’s the traditions that have always been commonplace in Israel. If you’re a history lover, it’s the perfect vacation destination for you.

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