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8 Famous Italian Beer Brands with Unique Options for Everyone

by Martha Simmonds

Beer lover, anyone? Beer is the third-most consumed beverage after water and tea, and its popularity is at an all-time high. There are so many kinds of flavors that deciding which one is your favorite can be a little difficult.

Italy has given the world many things — pizza, opera, and wine. But there is one more thing that this country of romance and inspiration has gifted the world — Italian beer. Many are unaware that Italy is one of the leading producers of beer worldwide. So, it is enough of a reason to try Italian beer brands. To help you out, we have listed the 8 best brands here.

8 Best Italian Beer Brands

1. Peroni Nastro Azzurro

Peroni Nastro Azzurro

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Nastro Azzurro is definitely the best Italian beer out there. It is produced by Peroni, an international beer brand and one of the oldest Italian breweries, which has been operational for around 175 years.

Nastro Azzurro is one of the best beers by Peroni. It has been produced in the Rome brewery since the 1960s and is exported to every continent in the world. Its name is a tribute to the Italian Transatlantic Rex, who won the Nastro Azzurro award in 1933.

The main ingredient in the beer is maize. The variety used is produced exclusively in the agricultural areas of Italy. The Nostrano maize is a bit different from other corn crops although it is not genetically engineered. It is this ingredient that gives Nastro Azzurro its characteristic dryness and aromatic flavor.

The beer has a nice golden color and an alcohol content of 5.1% ABV (alcohol by volume).

2. Birra Moretti

Birra Moretti

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Birra Moretti is a brand that is more famous abroad than in Italy. The trademark mustache makes the company instantly recognizable.

Luigi Moretti created the Moretti brewery in 1859 in Udine. The brewery became so famous that it became the symbol for the city, and today, many public places and even private buildings bear its name.

However, a Dutch company, Heineken Italia, acquired the company in 1996 — something the Italians did not like. Soon, the Italian Antitrust Authority was brought into the picture, and the trademark was sold back to Birra Castello.

The malted barley, hops, and maize used to make the beer give it a balance of bitter and fruity flavors. This golden-colored beer has an alcohol content of 4.6% ABV.

3. Angelo Poretti

Angelo Poretti

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Angelo Poretti founded the Poretti brewery in 1876 in Induno Olona. However, a Danish group, Carlsberg, took over the company completely by 2002 and renamed it Birrificio Angelo Poretti in 2007.

Angelo Poretti has a wide range of beers, but the two most loved ones are the Birrifico Angelo Poretti 5 Luppoli Bock Chiara and the Birrificio Angelo Poretti 3 Luppoli.

The beers are made from incredible ingredients and different varieties of hops. They are crisp beers with mild bitterness and have an alcohol content of 4.8% for three Luppoli and 6.5% for five Luppoli.

4. Menabrea Beer

Menabrea Beer

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Giuseppa Menabrae set up the Menabrea brewery in Biella in 1846. Located at the foothills of the Italian alps, Menabrea uses its pure mountain water and matures its lagers in underground caves.

They have been producing high-quality beer for more than 170 years and have earned several awards for it. However, the company is now part of the Frost Group, which acquired it in 1991.

Some of the best beers by the brand are Bionda Lager (4.8% ABV) and Ambrata Lager (5% ABV). The beers are pale gold and amber, respectively, and both have distinct flavors. While one has hop bitterness and citrusy, sweet malt notes, the other has pleasant bitterness and dry, fruity notes.

5. Forst


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Another established Italian brewery, Forst was founded in 1857. Two brewers founded the business, which the Fuchs family acquired later and runs to this day.

The brewery is located at the foothills of the Alps, giving it advantageous access to natural spring water. It is one of Italy’s biggest and most recognized brands. The brand produces a wide range of beers, both dark and light.

The Premium Lager is one of its most famous beers. It has a pale gold color and an alcohol content of 4.8%. It is produced from corn and barley malt and floored by hops. It tastes like grains and lemon and has a crisp, light, and distinct fragrance.

6. Ichnusa


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Ichnusa is manufactured in Sardinia and has become a symbol of the island. Founded in Cagliari in 1912, Ichnusa or “Hyknusa” is an ancient name for Sardina and is linked to ancient culture.

Also, ichnos means footprint in Greek, representing the giant footprint the island looks like when seen from heaven. The beer has gained a lot of popularity outside the island as well and supports local craftspeople.

The Anima Sarda beer by Ichnusa has an alcohol content of 4.7% ABV and is brewed from corn and barley malt. The dry lager has a grassy bitterness with honey sweetness and citrus overtones.

7. Messina


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Messina is the beer of the Sicilian region. The master brewers took the utmost care to prepare the original recipe and selected the finest ingredients to make the beer.

The brand started in 1923, and the tradition of using the finest ingredients continues today. The golden-hued lager has an alcohol content of 4.7% and undergoes a slow fermentation process that gives it a delicate taste.

8. Quarta Runa

Quarta Runa

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A small brewery in Piedmont, Birra Montegioco, produces the Quarta Runa. Although the brand is much younger than the others on this list, it has quickly gathered a huge fan base and has become one of the most popular Italian beer brands among beer lovers worldwide.

The brewery is known for its range of specialty beers and has unique packaging for all of its products, including its ales and wines.

It has a high alcohol content and is made from freshly baked peaches and four kinds of hops, giving it a peachy and strong hop flavor.

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