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Answering Jewelry Cleaning FAQs

There are few things in life that are more frustrating than having a piece of jewelry that looks nice, but when you get it home it has soil and germs on it. Jewelry cleaning is the process of using specific methods and chemicals to clean and disinfect jewelry, and each method is designed to be used with certain chemicals.

Many people might think that jewelry cleaning is a simple task, but there are actually a number of techniques that can be used to clean and disinfect jewelry, and each of these techniques has its own unique properties. In this article, we have answered some commonly asked questions about jewelry cleaning.

Tips for cleaning different types of jewelry

Cleaning earrings: Earrings are tiny and easy to lose, so store them in a strainer that is then submerged in the cleaning liquid while washing them.

Cleaning necklaces: Because of all the small grooves, necklace chains can be tough to clean. Small dirt particles within the chain links can be removed using a gentle toothbrush.

Cleaning rings: The metal band and the gemstone are generally the two (or more) major components of rings. Make sure the cleaning procedure you select is appropriate for both the metal and the stone. Alternatively, make sure to clean each element independently. 

How often should you clean your jewelry?

Every owner of beautiful jewelry should clean it gently once a week and thoroughly twice a month. We also recommend having your jewelry professionally cleaned once or twice a year, depending on how often you use it. It might be tough to remember routine cleanings when you have a hectic schedule, but it’s essential for preserving the luster of your precious black beads chain.

If you find yourself in this scenario, try investing in rhodium jewelry. It has to be replated once a year (or less frequently if you don’t wear it every day), but rhodium doesn’t need to be cleaned to keep its brilliance. You don’t have to worry about rhodium changing hues because it’s nickel and corrosion-free. If you have some daily-wear jewellery, such as men’s bracelets, we recommend cleaning it as often as possible, if not daily.

How to clean rings with stones

When it comes to cleaning rings with stones, there is an extra factor to consider. You should think about how to care for both the band and the diamond. Hard stones such as diamonds, sapphires, and rubies can be cleaned using an ultrasonic cleaner, but soft gems are too sensitive. Soft gems should not be cleaned with ammonia, abrasives, or hot water since they are porous and delicate. Softer gemstone jewelry, such as garnet bracelets, should be cleaned with a wash and a gentle brush.

Can different jewelry types be mixed while cleaning?

Some metals can get discoloured or become tarnished if cleaned with other metals. Therefore, it is wise to avoid cleaning different jewelry types together, and maintain them separately. 

How can I keep my jewelry from tarnishing in the first place?

To keep your jewelry from tarnishing, make sure that it is properly polished, regularly cleaned and stored in a proper manner. To ensure that your jewelry isn’t tarnished, store it in a quality jewelry box.

Can toothpaste, dish soap and household cleaners be used to clean jewelry?

It is a frequent misconception that you may clean jewellery using dish soap, toothpaste, or other household cleaners. These DIY approaches, however, are not suitable for jewelry. Some may include abrasive chemicals that might scratch or damage jewellery. Others may leave a film or cause jewellery damage.

Please only use jewelry-cleaning solutions designed particularly for this purpose.

What will happen if I leave my jewelry for too long in the cleaning solution?

On the guidelines for each product, the suggested time to keep your jewelry in the jewellery cleaner should be mentioned. It will not harm your jewellery if you keep it in for longer than advised; however, if a chemical reaction occurs that discolours your jewellery, use a cleaning cloth to remove the colour and restore the original hue.

How often should diamond rings be cleaned?

Diamonds are valued for their uniqueness and beauty, but if they have dirt built up from oils, lotions, and other daily treatments, they will not sparkle as brightly as they could. Cleaning your diamond ring at least once a week is advised to keep it looking its best.

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