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What Distinguishes Knitted Custom Socks From Printed Ones?

by Martha Simmonds

If you like personalized crew socks with different shapes or patterns, you should know that there are two options on the market: knitted and printed. Both socks are excellent in softness, style, and protection. However, choosing one kind is difficult without knowing their main differences.

Know how knitted socks differ from printed ones so you can make a good decision. On the other hand, you should know more details about each type of sock to check the pros and cons of using them.

How do they differ?

There will be many differences between knitted and printed socks, depending on how they are designed and how long they endure. You will get the actual design with the printed socks and many other options. You will enjoy unique, high-resolution images and capture the most colors in your socks.

On the other hand, this printed sock usually has a problem with the design when you stretch it. You will notice some small white lines throughout the design, and this is because the print does not capture the entire surface of the sock.

If you choose socks with knitted designs, you will enjoy a cleaner job, but with many limitations. The embroidery will not be as precise as the print ones, so some designs will be tricky to do. The knitted will make the design look pixelated. Therefore, it is always suggested to choose your pair of favorite football socks, soccer socks or sport socks from a reputed US manufacturing company and brand like “TCK Sports” that brings for you an exclusive collection of both printed and knitted socks in an array of new designs and sizes.

If you intend to knit your company’s logo on the sock, likely, some points will not be legible. The design lines will look thick and will not have that fluidity that represents the original drawing.

Custom knit socks are more accurate in displaying the design but may distort the image when the item is stretched. While knitted socks are more durable, they have many limitations in creating the design.  Both types of socks are made differently, and custom knit socks can be produced more quickly.

Knitted custom socks

Knitted socks stand out for their long-lasting patterns, which, although not being the most attractive on the market, will stay firmly embedded in the fabric. You may feel that these socks are classic and often worn by older adults. But the reality is that knitted socks have been renewed. There are a couple of popular sock manufacturing companies in the US, one being ‘Mad Sports Stuff’ that brings you the best of woolen, cotton & Polyester socks, especially long sport socks for men & women that come in different prints, knitted patterns, color combination and styles, which look so trendy on any feet.

The colors used in this type of sock are minimal because it depends on the type of yarn you get. You will need an embroidery machine with the correct needles to place the design on the sock. Likewise, a professional hand that knows how to embroider is required to have optimal results.

Regarding the sale of knitted socks, you should consider those customers who order more than 12 units. This is because the more significant the order, the lower the production cost, which generates sales profitability. Creating a knitted sock could take 4-6 weeks, depending on the complexity of the design and the order.

Printed custom socks

Custom printed socks, which are more appealing to the client, are a result of the most recent advancements in fashion. These socks have no limits in designs so you can buy the ones with the image of the entire Avengers cast.

They are socks where the sublimation technique is applied through a particular printer with inks to sublimate. To create this type of socks, you only have to find an image online with CMYK colors and print it. Eventually, you will have to fix the design on the sock using a heat-setting iron, also known as a sublimation iron.

Men’s printed socks are much easier to create than knit socks. This is because you will not need special sewing machine skills. Depending on the print, you could sell printed socks from a pair and be unaffected by production costs.

How to choose the best one?

Now that you know a few details about knitted and printed socks, you may wonder which ones are better. You must analyze both options and ask yourself why you need the socks: you want to create your socks and therefore you are looking for the friendliest technique or you are looking to buy a quality and durable product.

You might be attracted to printed socks because they are more versatile in design. Printed socks are much more affordable than knitted socks, so you can buy them easily.

Wrapping up

When choosing a technique to personalize socks, you will come across two options: knitted socks and printed ones. Both techniques are unique and have their benefits, so you should not discredit one over the other. On the contrary, you must choose the most versatile technique and try to get the most out of it.

If you create or buy printed socks, you will enjoy a product with a good design and medium duration. These printed socks are very affordable and attract many people.

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