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language school improving english skills

Language School Helps in Improving the English Skills

by Martha Simmonds

Though some people and government agencies in some countries will not admit it, having excellent language skills in languages which are widely spoken worldwide can help a person earn a living and also improve career opportunities.

In Singapore, like most of Asia, English is not the mother tongue of a majority of people, they are speaking different languages at home with family members. However, English is the most popular language for business communication worldwide, and for many jobs, the job applicant should have excellent spoken and written English skills.

Language school

Hence young people who are interested in improving their career prospects and do not have good English skills are interested in finding a language school in Singapore which can help them improve their English significantly in a few months or less.

The English course should consider the fact that the students come from different ethnic backgrounds, and may have limited English written skills. The courses aim to improve the English skills so that the student can pass the internationally recognized exam for English proficiency, International English language testing system (IELTS)

Different courses

The English language skills required will differ depending on education levels and applications. Some people will require basic English language skills for their job or education. They can get a certificate for secondary level English education. There are also many online language learning platforms, which are ideal for individuals who have already graduated and are interested in further strengthening their language skills.

Many colleges are using English language for teaching their students, since it is widely used internationally. So students who have done their education in a non-English language and wish to improve their language skills for tertiary education can take the certificate course for English for higher education studies. English skills will also help those whose jobs involve interaction with people from different countries, especially in the tourism sector.

Worldwide, companies are using English for business communication with customers and vendors worldwide, for marketing and promoting their products and services. There are also a large number of individuals from different countries like Cambodia, Singapore, Vietnam, Japan, China who wish to become proficient in English so that they can teach others.

So in this case, the individual should study for the masters graduate degree in English, which will make the student highly proficient in English. It is advisable to study a course from a college which is affiliated with a reputed English University, so that the master’s degree will be recognized worldwide, making it easier to get a well-paying job worldwide.


Another consideration while choosing a college for the English course is the qualifications and experience of the faculty. Most of the faculty should have multiple degrees, especially degrees in English. They should also have many years’ experience in teaching English, usually more than ten years.

This helps them formulate the right teaching method after considering the current language skills of the student, to improve all aspects of the English skills of the students, like vocabulary, grammar, written and spoken English skills. The latest digital teaching tools are used to help the students improve their English skills faster. Now students from different countries can study English courses online.

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