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Law Firm Marketing In 2022: SEO For Lawyers

Did you know that more than half of consumers will perform some research online before making a purchase? The same is true for service-based businesses like law firms.

Regardless of the industry your business is in, it’s important to ensure that your website is properly optimized for search engines. We spoke to the experts at dNovo Group regarding law firm marketing in 2022, and they shared some key SEO tips to get started.

1. Start With A Proper Keyword Research

First things first, it’s important to understand the keywords that consumers are likely to use when searching for your legal services online. For example, if you specialize in family law, potential clients may use words like “divorce lawyers” in their search query.

You need to understand what these words and phrases are so that you can begin to create content that is optimized with these keywords. Google has a keyword research tool known as Google Keyword Planner that you can use to review search volumes and competition and decide on which keywords to target.

You can simply type one target keyword on the tool and get a list of relevant phrases and keyword combinations that you can use in your content. Avoid keywords with high search volumes and high competition since other law firms with a high domain authority will be vying to get top rankings for them on search results.

2. Update/Create Your Business Listings

Business listings not only help in local SEO but also improve your law firm’s credibility. Start by claiming your Google My Business listing. This listing allows your law firm to appear on Google search result pages where users can find accurate information about your law practice.

3. Ensure Your Website Is Optimized For Mobile

As the number of people using mobile devices to search online increases, site responsiveness is becoming one of the most critical ranking factors for all search engines. To keep up with the changing consumer behaviour, ensure all your web pages are fully optimized for mobile phone users.

When web visitors have to zoom in and out of your website since they’re using varying screen sizes, it takes away from a great user experience.

4. Perform An SEO Audit

Ever had a thorough audit done on your law firm’s website? A website audit should be a key aspect of SEO for lawyers. A complete website audit will uncover issues that affect your search rankings and traffic, such as broken links, duplicate content and low-quality external links.

SEO audits should be done regularly to allow law firms to tweak their strategy so that it always fits their needs. Based on the results of the SEO audit, law firms can understand their pain points and begin working on areas that will deliver the most search results.

5. Create Video Content

It’s important to incorporate videos as part of your law firm’s SEO strategy. Video traffic has grown significantly over the years as many online users find this kind of content more engaging. Law firms can take advantage of video content to drive more traffic by posting short videos on their main pages so that they appear as snippets in response to search queries.

The first step to using videos for lawyer SEO is to produce more of them. Have your legal team cover popular topics in short videos that can be published on channels like YouTube & Facebook. A law firm SEO company can help you create a video marketing strategy that builds your traffic and authority.

6. Link Building Must Be Done Right

Many experts who offer law firm SEO services must incorporate link building as part of their strategy. Building a list of quality internal links as part of your SEO marketing involves time and resources. In fact, link building should not be done fast with the aim to deliver quick results.

Oftentimes, you’ll end up with a bunch of low-quality links that affect your overall search engine rankings. Since link building is part of technical SEO, it must be done by an SEO agency that understands how all the ranking factors work.

You can build internal links that direct users to other pages on your website or external links on related pages with a similar or higher authority than your law firm website.

7. Check The Page Load Speed

Your website is more likely to appear on organic results if it has fast-loading pages. In fact, one of the easiest ways to rank high on Google Search Engine Results Pages is to ensure your site loads fast.

There are legal SEO tools that can be used to measure site speed and boost your organic search rankings. If a user clicks on your website from a Google My Business Listing, they shouldn’t bounce off because the page is taking too much time to load.

8. Content Marketing Is Key

Great content will not only engage users but also build your law firm’s authority and traffic quickly. Content is an integral part of digital marketing as it informs your target audience and how you intend to move them down the funnel. High-quality content must be unique and contain relevant keywords.

Consider creating a blog as part of your law firm marketing strategy. Google algorithms prefer websites with an active blog since they crawl and index new pages from time to time.

In fact, well-written and keyword-optimized content will appear high on organic search results. With high organic rankings, your website will attract more visitors and potential clients.

If you’d like to invest in an SEO campaign that opens a new flow of customers online, start off with the basic tips outlined above. A proper attorney search engine optimization strategy will help potential clients find your law practice online when looking for legal services.

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