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How To Look After Your Lenses On A Night Out

by Martha Simmonds

Although there is a lot of optimism surrounding a night out, preparing for it can be quite stressful. This is especially true if you wear contact lenses. If you keep them in too long, your eyes might become irritated and dry. But, with long days out and spontaneous excursions, how can you prevent squinting without sacrificing your eyesight?

There are five essential measures to take when you’re out for a night on the town as a contact lens wearer.

Have Spare Lenses In Your Hand Luggage

It’s easy to assume you’ll be home at the end of the night, but whether you’re stranded due to a last-train crisis or you simply drop out of the party, there are plenty of reasons why you may have to stay over.

If anything goes wrong on your night out, carry a backup pair of contacts in case you need to replace them. If you wear monthly lenses, make sure to bring your cleaning solution and keep it in an airtight container overnight. Never sleep with your contact lenses!

Without A Solution, Don’t Clean Your Lenses

Many individuals massage their lenses in an attempt to remove debris, which can be harmful. However, this does more harm than good and may cause more debris to end up in your eye.

Only wash your lenses in their designated solution to minimize the chance of infection or irritation. If you wear daily disposables, don’t put a lens back into its case once it’s been removed. Instead, replace it with a new one to maintain sanitary conditions. You can buy them from here.

If Your Lenses Seem To Be Dry, Change Them

Lenses can be worn for different amounts of time, depending on the wearer and brand.

If your lenses become painful as a result of being dry, put eye drops or take them out. However, don’t keep your glasses in for too long. If you must take a pause from wearing your contacts, change to your spare pair of glasses; the photographs would almost certainly have been taken by now!

Don’t Depend On Water

Bacteria are present in nearly all forms of water. As a result, don’t wet your lenses under the tap or take a shower at your host’s home while still wearing your contacts. If bacteria get trapped in a contact lens, it can cause germs in the eye that can lead to serious infections and even blindness.

Never Go To Bed With Your Lenses On

It’s true that most of us have slept in our contact lenses at some point or another. This, however, is not ideal. The lens could adhere to your eye; removing it might damage the delicate layer of skin that protects your eyesight and keeps you safe.

When wearers of contact lenses sleep, less oxygen can reach the eye’s surface. Your eyes will be screaming for air when you wake up. That is why it is critical not to sleep in your contacts and then wear them the next day; when you awake, use eye drops to loosen the lenses, followed by removal (after washing your hands).

With these ideas in mind, your eyes will be healthy and radiant throughout the holiday season. Always remember to remove your lenses as soon as they are causing difficulties and avoid wearing them for longer than the advised hours. Have a good time!

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