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How To Look After Your Dog’s Wellbeing

by Martha Simmonds

How happy and healthy is your dog?

While your four-legged friend may seem in good spirits, there are still steps that you can take to make sure that you are caring for their wellbeing in the best possible way.

From carrying out grooming to booking regular check-ups at the vet, read on to discover all the best ways that you can look after your dog’s wellbeing and prolong their life.

Go for walks

Daily walking is essential for all dog breeds as it helps to keep both their physical and mental wellbeing healthy.

Depending on the breed that you have, your dog will need anywhere between half an hour and 2 hours of physical exercise per day.

There are also many ways that you can make walking your dog more fun for you and them such as varying your route and running on different terrains.

Practice good grooming

Dog grooming is another process that can help to maintain your dog’s physical and mental health.

Make sure that you bathe your dog at least once a month and, depending on how long their hair is, brush their coat at least once a week.

To make sure that you cut your dog’s hair safely, you should invest in a good pair of dog grooming scissors. These can also be used to cut away any hair that is covered their eyes.

Provide a comfortable bed

Unless you want your dog to sleep in bed with you every night, you need to provide them with a comfortable dog bed.

There are a wide range of different styles of dog beds on the market, with options to suit all sizes and budgets.

Alternatively, if you are on a strict budget, you can find online tutorials that show you how to make DIY dog beds using only a small number of supplies.

Visit the vet for check-ups

You should take your dog to the vet for a check-up once every 12 months to make sure that they do not have any undiagnosed health issues. Even if your dog seems happy and healthy in themselves, you should still take them to the vet once a year as you never know what could be going on inside their bodies that you don’t know about.

If you have an older dog, you may want to book bi-annual visits to the vet to keep on top of their health and identify any issues before it’s too late.

Maintain a healthy weight

As many as half the nation’s dogs are thought to be overweight and this can cause a myriad of health problems such as heart disease, cancer and arthritis.

If you suspect that your dog is overweight, it can be a good idea to make an appointment with your vet to find out for sure. If they do need to lose weight, there are lots of ways that you can help them with this such as taking them out for longer walks, measuring their meals and providing healthy treats.

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