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Losing Hair? 5 Possible Reasons You Should Know About

by Martha Simmonds

Hair fall is a natural process. Shedding a certain amount of hair on a daily basis is normal. However, you should be concerned if the amount of hair fall is more than normal.

Both males and females face the hair fall problem, and the reasons could vary. Pattern baldness could be one of the primary causes of hair loss.

We have mentioned some of the common causes for hair fall and how to deal with the annoying situation.

Have a look. 

1. Androgenic Alopecia (Pattern Baldness)

This is a scientific name for female or male pattern baldness and is one of the most common causes of hair loss.

Pattern baldness is genetic. In males, you can note the baldness in the crown and temple area of the head. In females, hair thinning is noted.

Androgenic alopecia is most likely noticed with aging. However, it could start any time after puberty. In many females, it is noticed after they go through menopause. This indicates that it might be related to the hormone levels in the body.

It is possible to treat androgenic alopecia with minoxidil. It is a medication for hair growth.

2. Pregnancy

Some women encounter severe hair loss after giving birth. The estrogen level decreases in the body after delivery, which causes hair loss. This is a temporary condition that usually resolves within a year or even sooner in some cases.

You can try some of the following to help with your post-delivery hair fall:

  • Use a volumizing conditioner and shampoo.
  • Use products made for fine hair.
  • Avoid using intense shampoos or conditioners. They can be too heavy for fine hair.
  • Apply conditioner at the end of the hair. Avoid applying the conditioner on the scalp; this will prevent hair fall.

3. Alopecia Areata

It is an autoimmune condition that causes sudden hair fall. Your immune system strikes the hair follicles. The immune system also affects the other healthy body parts.

You may notice hair fall in small chunks from the scalp, eyelashes, and eyebrows in this condition.

To treat this condition, you should visit a doctor. Your doctor will prescribe medication for hair growth.

4. Certain Medications

Certain medication types in some people could cause hair fall. So it’s very important to check with your doctor and inform them about the history of hair shedding. These medications include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Beta-blockers.
  • Blood thinners (warfarin).
  • Statins – used to lower cholesterol levels.
  • Antidepressants like Zoloft and Prozac.
  • Accutane – used to heal acne.

If you notice hair fall secondary to taking any medication, you should consult your doctor for further intervention. Your doctor may alter the dose of your medication or replace it with another one.

5. Nutritional Deficiencies

One of the other common causes of hair fall is nutritional deficiencies. A diet that has low protein can cause hair fall. Moreover, if your diet lacks certain vitamins (like iron), it can also lead to hair loss.

To get around this issue, check with your doctor first. They will advise you to undergo a blood test to check if the hair fall is due to any nutritional deficiency.

Moreover, you should include fresh green leafy vegetables and fruits in your diet as a preventative measure. With that, you should also include vitamins, minerals, proteins, and fats in your diet. They will promote hair growth. 

Final Word

The first step to deal with your hair loss issue is to embrace it.

Taking certain measures like using lightweight hair products and avoiding heat processing can help in reducing hair loss. Moreover, you can also try using a hair regrowth helmet by Theradome. It is recommended by doctors and highly effective. 

Moreover, you can try using Theradome for hair loss. It has gained popularity recently owing to its high effectiveness. 

If you face a hair fall issue with the above-stated reasons, we’re positive you know what to do. 

Still have questions regarding hair loss? Feel free to ask us in the comments!

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