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5 Ways to Make Moving Homes Easier

by Martha Simmonds

In 2021, about 8.4% of Americans moved into new homes. Whether switching to a bigger or smaller home or moving across state lines, a move is always challenging. However, planning makes the process easier on yourself, your family, and your belongings.

Depending on your move, you may want professional help, or you can divide the packing, moving, or unpacking between family members, friends, or colleagues. As such, it is essential to help make the relocation much more accessible. But how?

Read on to learn how to make moving homes easier.

1. Identifying Your Must-Have Items

One way to make moving homes easier is to identify your must-have items. Make a list of everything you need that you must include in the move– such as important documents, electronic devices, valuables, and furniture pieces.

Ensure to include items not initially on the original list, like picture frames and organizational pieces. This will help you mentally prepare for what needs to be moved and transported by having the list laid out visually. Doing this can make the moving process more accessible in the long run.

2. Creating a Relocation Checklist

Creating a checklist helps ensure you are ready and prepared for a smooth transition. Start by listing all essential items, including the details of your new home, the date of your final residential move, and movers if needed. List all your items that need to be packed, including furniture, home decor, and any special items you’d like to take.

Once you have gathered your items and listed them on your checklist, you can begin packing efficiently and in an organized way. It is also beneficial to start packing items used less often two weeks before the move.

3. Prioritize Your Unpacking

Prioritizing your unpacking is one of the best ways to make moving to a new home more accessible. When you first arrive at your new home, you should immediately unpack items you will need, such as sheets and bedding, towels, and cleaning supplies.

You will likely want to get your bedroom set up as soon as possible to get some rest. After that, start unpacking the items you use the most, such as kitchen items, furniture, or any other common area.

4. Taking Advantage of Residential Moving Company Services

Professional movers are experienced and skilled and can help with packing, unpacking, loading, and unloading. They can also provide packing supplies, such as boxes, bubble wrap, and extra help for heavier furniture.

Additionally, choosing a residential moving company provides insurance and liability coverage. Hiring movers also eliminates the need to borrow a family member’s truck or beg friends for a ride and hours of manual labor.

5. Settling In Quickly to Feel at Home

After moving all your belongings, settle in quickly to make your new place feel like home. Begin by unpacking the essential items and placing them where you will use them the most.

Next, personalize the space. Spend some time preparing the bedrooms and setting up house rules right away. Lastly, create a sense of community by meeting your neighbors and local businesses.

Learn the Best Ways to Make Moving Homes Easier

Overall, moving homes can be both an exciting and stressful experience. Planning, packing smarts, and budgeting for necessary expenses make moving to a new home easier to manage.

There are also helpful services and tools available to make the process smoother. Moving to a new home can be an enjoyable experience with the right approach.

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