make your move less stressful

7 Tips to Make Your Move Less Stressful

Moving is something everyone finds very stressful. The sheer magnitude and attention to detail can be overwhelming. But with some patience and planning the experience can improve. 

Here are seven useful tips to make a move less stressful:

1. Planning

Planning is probably the most important part to create a satisfying moving experience. The good thing is moving is such a common occurrence, you won’t have to worry about doing any planning yourself in a notebook or spreadsheet. You can download a moving checklist that comes organized by weeks so you can chip at the task little by little.

2. Labeling

You will also need to figure out a way to sort out your belongings during the move. Some people use color coding while others use a number system. The important thing is to label all your boxes to know what’s inside and what room they’re going to. Once you get to your new home, it’s key to put the boxes in the room where they belong. This will help you avoid clutter. If you can, use clear boxes to see the contents inside. 

3. Pack a little every day

Probably the most stressful part about moving is packing. It’s very time-consuming and requires a lot of attention to detail. Professional movers like Hudson Movers can do this for you, but if you decide to go the DIY route, a good rule of thumb is to start packing three to four weeks before you move.  

4. Concentrate on one room at a time

Packing one room at a time can greatly impact your moving experience. It will help you be more organized about the move since you can eliminate rooms as items on your checklist. Also, this method helps you localize the mess in one area, which is very helpful to help you eliminate stress. 

5. Ask friends and family for help 

Calling those close to you to ask them for help in a move is key. They can come and help you pack, but also give you advice or moral support if you need it. You can even come up with an event where you invite them to help you pack while you offer them food and drinks. 

6. Hiring professional movers

This might sound like obvious advice, but it’s worth mentioning it. No one knows how to pack and move items better than professional movers. They know exactly what they’re doing thanks to training and experience. Remember to get the full coverage insurance with professional movers in case something happens to your items. 

7. Pack a bag for the first couple of nights in your new home

Taking out something you’ve packed as soon as you arrive to your new home might be a bit complicated and cause a mess. To avoid this, pack a bag with important things you’ll need for the first two days in your new home. This will allow you to take it easy when you start unpacking. 

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