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Making The Best Out Of An Affordable Moving Company

by Martha Simmonds

Finding the right and affordable moving company is the most tedious and difficult task of the moving process. Moving to a new place is always taken as a positive life-changing event that can turn into an unpleasant experience if you do not plan and execute it well. Professional movers are experts in packing and moving your stuff safely and smoothly, but they charge hefty money for their services so many people opt for a DIY move.

A DIY move may not be that cheap as it seems to be so it is wise to hire a good and reputed professional moving company for the job. So, how to hire a good company at an affordable moving cost, don’t worry, we are here to teach you some good tips and tricks to get an affordable moving company. Choosing the right moving company will ensure a successful move.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you avoid mistakes while choosing an affordable moving company:

Take Charge

Planning your move well before time can save you a tremendous amount of money. Booking one of the cheap moving companies in advance will get you the best deal. Leaving things to the last minute may mess up your whole move. Not only you may end up hiring an untrustworthy moving company but may also end up paying more than the usual price. So, it is important to act on your plans faster and not leaving things to the eleventh hour.

Ask for Recommendations

Ask your family, friends, and social media friends for recommendations. If a friend has a good moving experience with a company, it is wise to consult that company for your move. This is the easiest way to find an affordable moving company.

Plan Your Budget Well

Planning a moving budget will win you half of your moving battle. Start saving money for your upcoming move as soon as you decide to move. And, find a good moving company while keeping your budget in mind.

Moving Estimates

Select more than two companies and approach them for free moving quotes. Most moving companies try to quote prices over the phone but make sure you have a moving estimate in writing. Consider calling movers for an on-site survey to be sure about the size of the move and to avoid any conflict in the end. Once you have moving estimates with you from your selected companies, compare their local moving services and prices to crack the perfect deal.

Moving Date and Time

Your moving time plays an important role in deciding your overall moving cost. Moving on odd days and weekdays can save you a few hundred. Most moving companies offer discounts in their lean season. Weekends, summer season, and holidays are their peak seasons and they do not negotiate their price for those days. It is advisable to be flexible with your moving date while negotiating with your movers.

Negotiation Options

Good negotiation skills can save you a lot of money throughout money but negotiating is not always about money. If your selected professional moving company is not ready to lower its price, ask them to add some additional services to the final moving price. You may save both time and energy by getting your stuff packed by your movers for no extra money or you can ask them to disassemble your furniture as an added service.

Talk to Your Movers

Though a good professional moving company will not keep any charges hidden from its client, there are plenty of frauds in the market. It is wise to be transparent and talk to your movers about each aspect related to your move. Ask them clearly about the services included in the price quoted by them.

Road taxes, fuel, disassembling of furniture, carrying stuff through stairs, and remote destination location are some of the common hidden charges that some companies impose at the time of final payment. If you are paying your movers on an hourly basis, make sure you keep a check on their working skills and time. Ask them for the maximum time that your move may take, do not fall for their tricks to get extra cash from you.

Company Image

This may sound a little weird but hiring a non-reputed or non-reliable company may cost you much more than you have thought. Choose the right movers that ensure your belongings are safe and sound at the arrival and, moreover, handling your objects as if they own it. The best commercial movers are well aware of the fact that one small misstep can ruin something either expensive or of sentimental value, therefore leaving no room for mistakes.

It is highly recommended to read reviews and rankings of your chosen company before you strike a deal with them. Genuine customer reviews will help you in knowing the selected company well. Make sure the company has a valid license and is registered with the Department of Transportation.

Moving frauds are very common, so, it is important to stay safe from any fraudulent companies. Though lower price offers can be tempting, it is wise not to fall for them. A company offering unrealistic moving estimates can be a fraud so make sure you enquire and research enough before dealing with them.

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