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What To Expect At A Male Fertility Consultation

by Martha Simmonds

Many men despise going to the doctor. Whether it’s a cold that won’t go away or simply a yearly checkup, many guys avoid seeing a physician as long as possible.

When it comes to establishing a family, the same is true. With the majority of couples seeking to conceive, it’s usually the woman who sees a doctor first and has her body probed and poked before the man is invited for a comprehensive examination. However, male fertility testing is very important if you and your partner have trouble conceiving.

Here’s what you may anticipate from a male fertility assessment.

First Steps

Try to locate a urologist with specialized fertility training if you’re looking for a men’s fertility doctor.

These are urologists who spent one to two years after their urology training studying specialized care for men with infertility.

We also recommend that your spouse or partner accompany you to your appointment – pregnancy is a team effort, so both of you should be there!

Prepare for your first visit by following these suggestions:

• If your doctor wants to check your sperms on the same day as your visit, do not ejaculate or masturbate for two to five days beforehand.

• Bring all of your medical records, including prior operations and a current medication list with you.

• Bring your wife’s or partner’s medical records, particularly her workup or attempts at infertility.

Your first visit to a male infertility specialist may be lengthy, so prepare yourself! The doctor will begin by taking a thorough medical history.

This information will date back to your childhood, including procedures or illnesses you may have had as a youngster or even while you were an infant. Many males have undergone operations as infants that their parents never informed them about, so it could be worth talking to your folks to see whether anything was done.

The Physical Exam And First Tests

Your doctor will do a physical examination after a thorough history.

The exam will examine your entire body, but it will concentrate on the genitals to look for any anomalies. It is frequently brief and uncomfortable.

Interpret Your Doctor’s Orders

All of these tests, along with your medical history and physical examination, will enable the physician to assess where you are in terms of fertility.

It’s possible that the suggestions will be provided at your first visit, or it may be after you get the results from your blood tests.

Your doctor will also talk to you about any lifestyle modifications, medicines, or treatments that may boost your chances of conceiving.

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