manage queues at retail stores

How To Manage Queues At Retail Stores

Long queues can be really intimidating. In fact, they are one of the main causes of customer dissatisfaction and resentment. Long lines also give an impression of poor store management qualities and showcase the failure to effectively cater to the customer’s needs.

In a survey of 171 people, it was found that 43.3 percent of the respondents are not satisfied with long waiting queues.

Standing under the sun for long hours also poses serious threats to customers’ health. As a result, reducing queues and the hours invested in them must be a top priority for all shops.

1. Employ efficient workers

Managing customers is quite a challenging job. So, if one customer’s service gets delayed, the same goes for the next customer and it continues.

To avoid such a situation, employ more workers to facilitate smooth transactions and services. This also reduces the formation of long queues and helps minimize customer resentment.

2. Install separate billing stations for comparatively large processes

Only one billing station in a store can often lead to long queues. Cashing out simple and complex buys from the same station often leads to delays. The customers might even leave out of frustration.

So, create separate stations for limited and large buys. A customer buying a few luxury items should have a separate billing counter than the ones buying daily groceries. This will make the billing stations more productive, and instead of building pressure on a single station, it will divide the load and the retail store will be easier to operate.

3. Implement contactless payment methods

Managing queues is challenging for every budding retail store, so employ effective methods to diminish that. When a cashier delays the checkout process, a customer gets tired and irritated. This leads to disputes in the queue and turns into whole chaos.

To handle this, install easy, contactless digital payment forums for customers to checkout without delays. Many apps like PayPal, Google Pay, and so on help in the easy transaction of money and take little to no time.

Install a valid payment QR code that the customers can scan to make quick and digital payments. This will considerably reduce the time taken to create and clear bills per customer.

4. Make use of a Virtual Queuing Software

Several businesses that depend on in-person experience for their revenue can’t do much about the queues except employ advanced tech. If this is the situation in your retail establishment, queuing management software like is your best option.

This type of management is especially required in eating establishments. In this method, install a barcode or a QR code at the entrance of the shop. Whenever a customer arrives, instruct them to scan the code with their phone scanner. Scanning this, a page will open up that will require details like the customer’s name, email, phone number, the number of guests, and so on.

Next, the system will be aware of the new entry on the waiting list. As soon as the appropriate spot gets vacant, a text message will be sent from the restaurant to the customer informing them about the vacancy. This way of queue management is efficient and reduces the formation of long queues in front of the shop.

5. Provide the customer with an approximate time duration by which the wait will be over.

When customers are standing for a long time in front of a shop, it may be because of the urgency about the item they want to purchase. In this situation, you as the manager of a retail shop or an employee must interact with them and tell them an estimated wait time.

This will show your concern for your customers and you will also keep them engaged for a while. Further, you can also pitch for a few more products and make good use of this waiting time.

Over to you…

Everyone dreads long queues because no one wants to wait in this modern fast life. So, following the above pointers, reduce the possibility of the formation of long queues in front of your store. This will maintain the peace in your store and also boost customer satisfaction.

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