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9 Marine Corps Leadership Traits That Will Make Your Daily Life Easier

by Martha Simmonds

Courageous, heroic, and committed — marines are truly exceptional in every way. I also find them quite inspiring. After all, Marine Corps leadership traits and their attitude are incredibly motivating.

The marines usually stress the importance of their 14 leadership traits. Still, these traits are not meant just for the military. We can all improve our daily lives and skills with them.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at nine Marine Corps leadership traits that will help you grow and make you both a good leader and an amazing person.

9 Marine Corps Leadership Traits That Will Turn You Into a True Leader

1. Decisiveness

Making decisions is not always easy. At times when a serious matter is in question, you’ll probably try to avoid being the one to settle on the plan of action. However, to be a good leader or a successful professional, you must learn to become more decisive.

Yes, it’s hard — especially when you’re under pressure or you don’t have all the information you need. Still, if you work on your decisiveness skills, you will improve several aspects of your life.

2. Dependability

Do your boss and colleagues know that they can depend on you? Can your friends and family count on you? If the answer is no, you have some serious work to do.

Every good leader puts all the effort into achieving great results and holding their promises. So, even if the task ahead of you is challenging or boring, never give up. If people know for sure that you will do what you say you will, they will both appreciate respect you.

3. Initiative

Being able to take the first step, whether in business or a relationship, is an important trait. In combination with resourcefulness and courage, becoming more initiative will take you a long way.

This trait is especially important for your career. Showing initiative will probably impress your boss and clients and may set an example for people at lower positions than yours. Learn how to take action when needed and you will quickly climb the career ladder.

4. Endurance

Giving up seems like the best choice sometimes. However, although it’s often an easy option, it’s never the right one.

When you’re facing a crisis and things are falling apart, endurance is crucial. You need to learn how to keep going even when you’re under a lot of stress, hungry, exhausted, or without a clue what to do next.

Obstacles are a crucial part of every success story. So, in those difficult moments, just remember why you are doing it and what your ultimate goals are. Remember, if you just quit, you won’t achieve anything. Yet, if you endure all the troubles, you will eventually reach your goals.

5. Unselfishness

Let’s face it — no one likes selfish, self-centered people. However, even if you don’t care for other people’s opinions, looking after yourself and your needs only will still keep you away from success.

For example, most companies appreciate team players far more than individuals who work only for their personal gain. So, next time your colleague is struggling to complete a task, give them a hand.

Unselfishness is also crucial for your private life. If you’re able to compromise and put your partner’s needs first from time to time, you will know that they will have your back in the future. Thus, your relationship will grow much stronger.

6. Tact

When interpersonal relations are in question, tact is one of the most important Marine Corps leadership traits. Being able to express yourself in a way that would not insult or offend anyone will help both your personal life and career.

Also,  if you lack tact, people may misunderstand what you wanted to say. In comparison, tactful people are better at delegating tasks and asking people for favors. They know how to impress their clients, get their employees to do their duties, and are generally more popular.

7. Knowledge

Without sufficient knowledge, you won’t get far ahead in life. Fortunately, since lifelong learning is now a popular concept, there are many ways to improve your knowledge.

This trait is especially important in the business world. After all, it’s your knowledge that your boss or your clients are paying for. Make sure you always keep up with all innovations in your industry and always bear the basic concepts in mind.

Still, there’s no shame in not knowing something. However, in such situations, don’t guess what you’re supposed to do. Instead, ask someone to help you and find a way to learn.

8. Enthusiasm

All aspects of your life will become far easier if you become genuinely interested in them. Staying enthusiastic and maintaining a positive attitude will do wonders for your career and personal life alike.

In addition, if you’re enthusiastic enough, you’re less likely to burn out. As long as you care about your job, chores, or relationships, even the most boring parts will become enjoyable.

If you’re not passionate about what you do already, try to identify certain things that you love about your job. That way, you may become more interested. However, bear in mind that your lack of enthusiasm may be a sign that you truly hate your job and that it’s time to find something new.

9. Bearing

Bearing refers to the way you conduct yourself. I believe this is one of the crucial Marine Corps leadership traits because the way we carry ourselves usually leaves a lasting impression on people.

If you act in an assertive, competent, confident manner, people will always assume you possess these qualities. Therefore, you will make better first impressions and win some respect.

Bottom Line

As you can see, Marine Corps leadership traits can be incredibly useful. Developing these traits will surely help you achieve your goals or get a promotion. In addition, they will improve your relationships and make people like and respect you.

So, do your best to improve yourself and acquire these traits. Trust me, they will make your life much easier.

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