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Why Do Married Men Pretend To Be Single Online?

Dating apps have become a playground for con artists, scammers, and people cheating on their spouses. Married men create fake profiles and assure single women they are looking for commitment, love, and respect. They create secret emails, post office boxes, or secondary mobiles to avoid getting caught. A single woman’s best defense is to recognize telling signs that if she looks, she’ll have no trouble finding someone’s marriage records.

But why do they do it? This is a special type of person who isn’t concerned with the aftermath or any long-term issues. They live in the here and now. A man like this knows he’ll break a woman’s heart eventually, yet he pursues her. There can be different reasons for this. Some men are thrill-seekers who’ve grown weary of married life. Others feel they need to win no matter what.

Still, others are simply trying to evade boredom. Then, there are some that just want to hurt someone. They are bad and cruel people.

The Answer Lies in One’s Childhood

As always, you need to look at someone’s childhood experiences if you want to explain their behavior, which is seemingly irrational in this case. An excessive number of poor role models, very few good ones, neglect, or abuse – the theories are endless. Most of the time, it’s an issue of a child with cruel, manipulative, and unloving parents.

The history of emotional betrayal repeats itself across generations. A man who’s living in this dismal scenario will find the internet allows him to do it very well with so many women looking for love online. A recent survey by MSNBC found almost a third of men using a dating app are married.

We know that in finance, the poor get poorer. It’s the same with love – if you’ve never known true love, finding a loving partner is very hard. But it’s not impossible. Here are some signs that you’re being duped.

If It Weren’t for You…

A man you met online tells you he was about to delete his profile but saw yours at the last minute, and it gave him hope. He finds you incredibly attractive and asks for your email so you can “get to know each other better.” If this makes you uncomfortable, don’t ignore your gut feeling. The quicker he gets your personal information, the easier you are to seduce.

He Doesn’t Pick Up

You’ve been chatting online for a while, and he gives you his number. You call, but nobody picks up. Eventually, he returns the call, saying he was stuck in a meeting or otherwise busy. He gives a good reason, but it happens very often. He might be waiting for his wife to go somewhere so he can call you.

Closed Account

He chats to you on a dating app, makes a lot of wonderful compliments, and says he wants to be with you more than anything else. Suddenly, his profile has been deleted. Because married men are afraid of getting caught, they will come and go, switching dating sites often.

You Never Meet in Person

He has been calling, texting, and emailing you regularly for at least a few weeks. You just don’t seem to manage to meet in person. He cancels the date at the last minute or never even makes plans to meet. If a long-distance relationship doesn’t work for you, do let him know, and upon refusal to commit to a face-to-face meeting, move on.

Cheating men are very charming and very confident. They are like this because they have no desire to leave their wives whatsoever. They’re only looking for something on the side.

Other Signs You’re Being Played

These aren’t the only warning signs to be on the lookout for. For example, married men tend to make the first move on an online dating site. A married man might post a blurry or dark photo or no photo at all. He doesn’t want to be recognized. He might post one single picture and refuse to share others. He could even post a fake photo.

He may claim to have no home phone, and all he gives you is a mobile number. You can’t get in touch with him on weekends or in the evening. He calls from a restricted number, or you go straight to voicemail every time you call him. This indicates it’s not convenient to talk because he’s with his family.

Finally, he replies or calls back at specific times or odd hours. If he calls around 8:30 every time, he might be driving to work, in the car on his own.

If a married man broke your heart once, learn to read the warning signs, so it never happens again.

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