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Why Should You Do MBA in Marketing?

Marketing has a broad scope of job opportunities. Almost every big corporation has an in-house marketing staff, and there are several other small marketing organizations worldwide. A master’s degree in marketing will be an excellent knowledge booster and career accelerator if you wish to pursue a career in marketing. This is true for both fresh graduates and current marketing professionals who seek to gain specialized expertise in e-commerce or consumer behavior.

Why pursue an MBA in Marketing?

Marketing is a genre that allows for a lot of creativity and innovation. This stream has a youthful vibrancy that ensures it will never go out of style. Today, marketing is in a craze because many budding companies with innovative services and products are trying to reach out to probable customers.

The MBA program is a comprehensive study of business administration that includes the strategies and procedures for correctly and efficiently utilizing resources. This procedure involves a wide range of resources, information, budgets, people, and materials.

This field of study is an internationally recognized degree program specially intended to acquire the abilities required for a career in business management and administration. The management program encompasses and focuses on various business requirements, including finance and accounting, marketing, management, and human resources.

The MBA degree is also a fantastic springboard for international professional chances. Its course of study and training instills in pupils the likely approaches to go on with the business under various challenging conditions. MBA students learn how to establish a worldwide company vision. The better a student understands these methods and successfully implements them, the greater their job possibilities. In this industry, the ability to make decisions on the go is critical.

Successful completion of an MBA opens up a plethora of new job prospects. The very first point in this regard is that it boosts a person’s earning capability and potential. However, to reach this level, one must first demonstrate their merit. With an MBA, it is simpler to obtain desirable advancements at the right moment.

MBA degrees improve job stability and make one more marketable in the global job market. An MBA makes it easy to shift careers for better opportunities. This program offers several chances for personal development by providing specific knowledge and leadership abilities. Such specialized knowledge enables the existence of entrepreneurial skills.

What is marketing management?

Marketing management is the process of identifying the appropriate market, identifying, marketing, communicating, and providing the necessary items and services to prospective consumers to meet their demands at a reasonable price.

Reasons to get an MBA in Marketing Management

There is no question that an MBA in Marketing Management has a promising future. There are various causes for this. You may read the top ten reasons to pursue an MBA in Marketing Management, which are as follows.

1. Understanding a Business Situation: Marketing Management is a broad word. An MBA obtains an in-depth understanding of various areas such as marketing, finance, human resources, corporate management, organizational behavior, and so on. Marketing research, brand management, sales management, and negotiation management are all topics covered in the marketing sector. You understand the entire business environment and can strategically advertise items and services.

2. Consumer Behavior: The customer reigns supreme. It is essential to have an in-depth comprehension of consumer behavior. It aids in analyzing the clients’ genuine requirements to meet their desires.

3. Product Development: Marketing is the process of recognizing the requirements of consumers and producing products that meet those demands. It encourages you to improve the product’s quality.

4. Skill Development: No matter what you do in life, skill development is always necessary. Marketing management allows you to hone your various abilities. Other skills you will master include lead generation, telemarketing, prospecting, team management, and sales conversion.

5. Significant Job Responsibilities: Marketing management necessitates a high level of job responsibility. You must take on numerous roles at various stages. In order to fulfill work obligations correctly, a good mindset, a never-say-die mentality, and tenacity are required.

6. Target vs Achievement: Marketing management also includes sales management. There is more learning to put up sales objectives to sell items and services and achieve them via persistent efforts in such a work profile.

7. Branding: It is a subset of marketing management. It assists you in properly learning about brand management. You progressively know how to construct a brand as you go along.

8. Digital Marketing Scope: The subject of digital marketing is growing these days. MBA in digital marketing will help you sell your products and services online by using SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SMM (Social Media Management), PPC (Pay per Click), Content Marketing, and Remarketing Campaigns.

9. Marketing Research Analyst: You have the option of becoming a Marketing Research Analyst within the Marketing Management scenario. In this course, you will be able to collect and analyze data with excellent efficiency.

10. Customer Relationship Marketing: Developing relationships with both new and current consumers necessitates solid interpersonal abilities. Marketing Management encompasses all of these topics. It improves your conversion ratio while also increasing your chances of repeat business.

Job Opportunities After an MBA in Marketing Management

Marketing management is the cornerstone of corporate growth. All firms, regardless of sector, require marketing management. A master’s degree in marketing management guarantees you a beginning salary ranging from Rs. 3 lac to Rs. 35 lac per annum, or maybe more, depending on the firm, profile, industry, and brand.

After an MBA, there are several job advancement prospects in the marketing field. Popular organizations with successful marketing programs include Vodafone, Airtel, Tata Consultancy Services, HDFC Bank, P&G, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

With the growth of technology, marketing methods have altered to keep up with the day’s demands. With the emergence and expansion of web media, marketing efforts are no longer restricted to door-to-door sales promotion. Still, they are now broadly exposed to a much broader worldwide audience.

According to Monster, there were over 200,000 marketing positions in the United States in 2012, with that figure predicted to expand by 12% by 2022. In the marketing business, there is a wide selection of professions and firms to pick from. Working in-house for a corporation or an agency, for example, and having a diversified client portfolio. Among the possible graduate job titles are:

• Content marketing manager
• Digital brand manager
• eCommerce marketing director
• Senior brand manager
• Public Relations manager
• Market research executive
• Account manager
• Advertising director
• Art director

A marketing degree provides the extra benefit of allowing you to network with other (current or prospective) marketing professionals. Most schools offer networking events or career evenings where students may meet with prominent marketing businesses.


Marketing Management offers several prospects for advancement in one’s profession. It is an art, and an MBA teaches you a new set of abilities. It contributes to the entire development of your personality. No business can thrive without marketing. It is a method of learning about the customers’ actual needs and meeting them with a commitment to do so for mutual gain.

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