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What Does the Menu of a 7-Course French Meal Include?

Seven-course meals are considered the ultimate French tradition. If you run a fancy restaurant or an elegant diner, then it would be a wise choice to add a seven-course meal. You may also acquire this mode of serving while hosting an extravagant event at your place as it would give it a rich and luxurious touch.

If you are interested in making a statement with a seven-course meal, keep in mind that the layout and appearance of the menu itself also matter a lot when creating an impression. For this purpose, you can make use of an online graphic editor like Vista Create which offers multiple editing tools and ready-made menu templates that you can customize according to your needs.

The format of a seven-course meal on a menu looks slightly different from a typical menu. In this article, we’ll break down all you need to know to create a 7-course meal menu that accurately reflects the luxury your restaurant has to offer.

Break-Down of the Menu

The bread is organically present throughout the course when ordering through a French-styled menu. You may need to request water, however, wine is thoroughly a part of the course.

Following is the list of courses served in a French meal as well as the preferred traditional order:

1. L’Aperitif

The L’Aperitif or commonly known as the “Appetizer” in America is the start of the meal. These are usually small bites, traditionally served with an alcoholic drink. These light snacks might include olives, peanuts, or even canapes of some kind. They can also be a small portion of toast with an interesting topping. The beverage portion can include a few fingers of whiskey, bourbon, martini, or even a glass of champagne.

If this meal is being served at home, then it will be preferred to serve the L’Aperitif away from the dining area and in a formal living room.

2. L’Entrée / Hors D’oeuvres

The French word “entrer” means to enter. However, the entree is not the main course, rather it’s the appetizer.

Seasonality is a classic element of French cooking. Thus, you can expect a range of dishes in this course depending on the season. It can range from beef carpaccio to salmon mousse to even French onion soup.

3. Fish

In a formal restaurant, preferably French, the fish is mandatorily served between the entree and the main course. It is classically garnished with vegetables and may be followed by a small dish of lemon. The lemon dish served can even include lime sorbet to cleanse the palate as well as refresh the senses.

4. Main Course

The main course or le plat principal is expected to include an elaborate dish consisting of meat or poultry. It needs to accompany a vegetable garnish for the ultimate experience. The vegetables should be served on the side and not on the same plate. They can be simple seasonal vegetables and nothing extra.

5. Salad

Next up, the salad is served following the main course to cleanse the palate and aid digestion. These can be simple greens tossed with vinaigrette. However, modern French cuisine has brought forth a couple of elaborate salads and dressing flavors. The salad may include an extensive variety of vegetables to give a luxurious touch.

6. Cheese

The French are thoroughly known for their vast consumption of cheese or as they call it Au Natur. They are said to consume more cheese than any other ethnicity. The course served next is cheese. The selection is ideally served on a wooden board.

Serving fruits or other condiments is rarely supported as it leans more towards the British or American culture.

7. Dessert

Special occasions call for decadent treats. French desserts are ideally indulgent, rich, and oh-so-tasty! However, they are served in small portions and are decorated extravagantly. The course itself may contain a chocolate profiterole, a mousse, or even an apple tart. You can also accompany it with a small demitasse of a freshly brewed cafe which would perfectly complement the delicacies served.


The seven-course meal aims to perfectly translate the richness and luxury, which is the trademark of French culture. The intention behind forming a seven-course meal menu is to provide your customers with a lavish experience. Remember, the goal is to be very French, and very extravagant.

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