Mistakes to Avoid After a Car Accident

6 Mistakes to Avoid After a Car Accident

When you are involved in an accident, you may be overwhelmed and fail to know what action to take. The situation may be more challenging when you have sustained injuries and must become more familiar with the legal process. As such, you may end up making mistakes that may be costly or place your lawsuit in jeopardy. Here are six common mistakes to avoid in a car accident case.

Mistake 1: Failing To Report the Case

Police reporting is a crucial step you shouldn’t skip after an accident. You should inform the nearby police officers, even if you feel the accident was minor, with little damage. A police officer helps collect evidence for the accident, including talking to witnesses, taking pictures, and even videos to back up your case.

Mistake 2: Skipping Medical Care

It’s essential to have a medical checkup when involved in a road accident, even if you don’t have physical injuries. You may have suffered trauma or internal bleeding; the doctors can help unveil that through X-rays.

Visit your nearest reputable hospital for medical care when involved in an accident, and be sure to keep all the medical records and payment receipts. An experienced legal team like the professionals at Cochran, Kroll & Associates who are car accident attorneys in Detroit can help you with the hospital follow-up and collect your medical evidence for compensation.

Mistake 3: Failing To Get Evidence

Most accident victims fail/forget to collect evidence, yet it is a powerful tool for supporting your case. Your insurance firm will need the accident evidence; the court might also need it if you file a lawsuit.

If you are not severely injured in an accident, take pictures, record videos, and even talk to the people around you. Ensure the images you take show the injuries you have sustained and the level of damage in your vehicle.

Mistake 4: Admitting Accident Fault

You should never admit accident fault if further investigations have not been done. Your vehicle might have lost control when driving, but the other driver could have been recklessly driving or using the phone when driving.

Environmental factors could also have played a role in the occurrence of the accident. Don’t admit fault immediately, but wait for the police investigations report first.

Mistake 5: Not Informing Your Lawyer

You need an experienced car accident attorney in Detroit when you are involved in an accident. The lawyer helps you gather more accident scene evidence, file an insurance claim, and negotiate with the insurance adjusters. Most importantly, an accident attorney explains your compensation options and gives you moral support at a time when you highly need it.

Mistake 6: Taking Long To File a Claim

Every insurance firm has a specific timeframe for filing claims following an accident. Your claim may be rejected if you take too long to issue it or don’t provide the correct details in your claims application. Gather evidence and file for an insurance claim as soon as possible to increase your compensation chances.

Bottom Line

An auto accident attorney can help you avoid most of the above mistakes. The sooner you involve the lawyer, the more you will increase the chances of a successful lawsuit and an insurance claim. Find a good lawyer today to help avoid the above common mistakes.

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