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137 Fearless Names That Mean Protector

by Martha Simmonds

Aside from carrying your pregnancy to full term, the second most difficult task is choosing the right name for your baby. It is every parent’s desire to give their little bundle of joy a unique name that will direct and dictate their baby’s life.

Fortunately, there is a wide range of great names that you can choose for your name depending on what you want them to be in the future. If you want your baby to grow up being fearless and courageous, here are the 137 fearless names that mean protector.

137 Names That Mean Protector

Baby Boy Names That Mean Protector


1. Aasim (Arabic): A protector.
2. Adofo (West African, Egyptian): A fighter.
3. Adarvan (Persian): A fire protector.
4. Aimon (Irish): A wealthy protector.
5. Aleister (Greek): Man’s defender.
6. Ajax (Greek): A warrior.
7. Alejandro (Greek): A defender or protector of mankind.
8. Alexander (Greek): A defender of the people.
9. Albern (English): A noble warrior or defender.
10. Amanpal (Indian): A protector of peace.
11. Amon (Hebrew, Irish): A wealthy protector.
12. Ansel (German): A person with divine protection.
13. Anakin (English, American): A warrior.
14. Alvar (German): All guard.
15. Alvaro (German): All guard.
16. Argus (Greek): A vigilant guardian.
17. Asim (Arabic): A protector or guardian.
18. Aylward (English): A noble guardian.
19. Batair (English, Scottish): A strong warrior.
20. Bill (German): A resolute protector.
21. Blaz (German): An unwavering protector.
22. Chadd (English): A protector or defender.
23. Duarte (German): A prosperous guardian.
24. Eamon (Irish): A rich protector.
25. Ede (German): A wealthy guardian.
26. Edek (German): A guardian of property.
27. Edmon (French): A prosperous protector.
28. Edmund (English): A fortunate protector.
29. Edmundo (Spanish): A wealthy protector.
30. Edo (German): A guardian.
31. Edward (English): A wealthy guardian.
32. Ehno (Italian): A protector.
33. Elmo (Italian): A protector.
34. Eri (Hebrew): My guardian.
35. Ewart (English): A wealthy defender.
36. Faramund (German): Protection.
37. Folke (Scandinavian): A people’s guardian.
38. Fremont (French, German): A noble protector.
39. Garan (French): A guardian.
40. Hafiz (Arabic): A protected or guardian.
41. Hami (Perian): A protector or defender.
42. Howard (German): A chief guardian.
43. Kandarie (Indian): A protector or defender.
44. Liam (Irish): A protector.
45. Mumin (Arabic): A guardian of faith.
46. Ned (English): A wealthy guardian.
47. Nakoa (Hawaiian): A well-to-do protector.
48. Osmond (English): A God’s protector.
49. Rae (Hebrew): A, advisor or protector.
50. Rai (Arabic): A guardian or custodian.
51. Raymond (German): Protection.
52. Reinhold (German): A wise protector.
53. Sigmund (German): Protection through victory.
54. Skoldolfr (Icelandic): A Protector wolf.
55. Teddie (French): A prosperous protector.
56. Vilem (German): A strong and resolute protector.
57. Wali (Arabic): A protector.
58. Ward (English): A guardian.
59. Warden (German): A guardian or watchman.
60. Warmond (English): A true guardian.
61. Willem (Dutch): A resolute protector.
62. Willis (English): A resolute protector.
63. Wilmot (German): Protection.

Baby Girl Names That Mean Protector


64. Alessandra (Italian): A defender of men.
65. Alessia (Greek): A defender of men.
66. Alexa (Greek): A defender of mankind.
67. Alexandra (Greek): A protector of man.
68. Alexis (Greek): The defender of the people.
69. Alvar (German): A guardian.
70. Arminda (Latin): A protector.
71. Ansel (English): A protector.
72. Axelia (Greek): A protector of mankind.
73. Custodia (Spanish): A guardian or keeper.
74. Dealla (Irish): A protector.
75. Deandra (English): A protector of man.
76. Delmira (German): A noble protector.
77. Diamond (Irish): A protector.
78. Eda (English): A wealthy guardian.
79. Edme (Scottish): A protector.
80. Eduarda (Spanish): A guardian of prosperity.
81. Edwige (French): Protection against war.
82. Harta (Indian): A protector or defender.
83. Hildegard (German): A battle guard.
84. Ilma (German): A resolute protector.
85. Ismat (Arabic): Protecting.
86. Kendra (Hindi): A protector of man.
87. Kendria (English): A wise protector.
88. Lexi (Greek): A protector of humanity.
89. Medousa (Greek): A guardian.
90. Meredith (Celtic) A protector of the sea.
91. Mina (German): A resolute protector.
92. Ramona (Spanish): A wise protector.
93. Rosabella (German): A noted protector.
94. Rosetta (German): A noted protector.
95. Ritza (Greek): A protector of man.
96. Sezia (Russian): A defender.
97. Sandra (Greek): A defender of man.
98. Sasha (Greek): A defender of mankind.

Gender Neutral Baby Names That Mean Protector


A gender-neutral name is a unisex name that suits both boys and girls. However, there are some gender-neutral names that are traditionally associated with specific genders.

Nevertheless, you can still find many gender-neutral names that mean protector for your little ones. Here are the most common unisex names that imply protector. For even more ideas, you can head over to this article.

99. Aiden (Irish): Fiery one.
100. Alex (English, Greek): A defender or protector of humankind.
101. Andy (Greek, French): Strong or masculine.
102. Archer (English): The one who uses a bow and arrows.
103. August (Latin): A revered, illustrious person, deserving of respect, or majestic.
104. Avery (English, French): The ruler of elves.
105. Bailey (English, French): A public officer of justice or a bailiff.
106. Charlie (German, English): A strong and powerful individual, mainly male.
107. Dana (English): God the judge.
108. Evan (Irish, Celtic, Hebrew): The gracious God or a young warrior.
109. Finley (Irish, Cletic, Gaeilic): A hero or a battlefield warrior with fair skin.
110. Frankie (French, Teutonic, Latin, English): A freeman.
111. Greer (Latin, Scottish): A watchful, vigilant, or guardian.
112. Hunter (English): A huntsman or provider.
113. Jackie (Hebrew, American): A supplanter, Gracious God, or son of God.
114. Jaime (English, Hebrew, Spanish): The one who restores or comes after.
115. Kai (Hawaiian, German, Welsh, Indian): The keeper of the keys.
116. Keegan (Irish, Celtic): The small, fiery one.
117. Kesley (English, Celtic, Irish): From the victorious or fierce island.
118. Kennedy (Scottish, Irish, Celtic): The helmet-wearing chief.
119. Mickey (Hebrew, American, Irish): The one who is closest to the Almighty God.
120. Oakley (English): The strong or sturdy one.
121. Owen (Welsh, Celtic, Scottish): One born into high society or a young warrior.
122. Parker (English): A manager or a keeper.
123. Peyton (English): The one who comes from the town of soldiers and warriors.
124. Presley (English): The one who comes from the place where the high priest sits.
125. Quinn (Irish, English, Celtic): The fifth son’s estate, a descendant of Conn, or the leader.
126. Rain (English, Latin): A wise ruler or counselor.
127. Reagan (Irish, Scottish, Celtic): The child of the king or a little ruler.
128. Reese (Welsh, English): A passionate, devoted, and enthusiastic person.
129. Ricky (English, American, German): An eternal and peaceful ruler.
130. Riley (Irish, Celtic, English): A courageous, brave person.
131. Rory (Irish, Celtic, Gaelic): A red ruler or chief who’s famous and brilliant.
132. Ryan (Irish): A little ruler.
133. Sasha (Greek, Russian): A defender of humankind.
134. Shiloh (Hebrew): A peaceful and generous person of God.
135. Sloan (Irish, Celtic): A strong protector, warrior, or invader.
136. Storm (English, American): A powerful person.
137. Tatum (English): The destroyer of grief and suffering or the bearer of joy and full spirit.

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