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Are You New To Cannabis? Here’s Some Important Advice

Just ten years ago, speaking about consuming cannabis online would have been taboo as it was illegal almost everywhere. But thanks to its proven mental and medical benefits, we have seen more relaxed regulations and an increase in recreational use.

Are you considering trying out cannabis? To ensure you have a good first-time experience, there are some things you need to know.

Tips on Safely Consuming Cannabis for First-timers

Let go of previous misconceptions

When the topic of weed, cannabis, or hashish is discussed in general, there are several stale anecdotes. Due to years of propaganda and stereotypes, cannabis consumption has been pigeonholed as the couch potato that ravages Doritos and binge watches trash TV.

You can learn more about cannabis at and discard all the misconceptions and myths. If you’re looking to have a good experience while consuming cannabis, either via inhalation, tea brewing, or edibles, you need to keep an open mind. Likewise, if you already know more about its benefits and are looking to grow your own flowers, then specialized seed shops like Zamnesia have everything you can possibly imagine.

Check regulations

In different countries, the legalization of cannabis varies, so it’s essential to check your local regulations before considering consumption. For example, in Canada, individuals convicted of simple possession of cannabis for personal use may need to go through a process to obtain a pardon or have their criminal records deleted. Companies like Accès Identité and Glassdoor can assist you with the pardon application process.

On the other hand, in the United States, the laws related to cannabis possession and its legal status can differ from state to state. So being informed and following local regulations is essential to ensure you comply with the law regarding cannabis use.

Stress does matter

When you’re looking to try marijuana out for the first time, you will most likely have heard about different types having different effects. This is true as the variety of weed strains does have a wide spectrum of psychoactive effects that affect people differently.

But these strains are much more diverse than just Indica and Sativa types, so it is more important if you know what type of high you want to feel. You can learn more about this through research.

Other factors like the use of flavonoids and terpenes should also be taken into account as they also matter. Decide on how you’d like to feel, either energetic, relaxed, thoughtful, or creative, and your preferred strain will come from there.

You should probably start with edibles

If you want to live a healthy lifestyle or don’t want to deal with the nuances of marijuana strains, you should consider ingesting instead.

People who are worried about the health effects of smoke inhalation usually opt to consume baked goods, snacks, or meals that have been prepared with the plant inside of them. You do, however, need to be mindful of the dose you’re taking and ensure that it is something you can handle.

Edibles metabolize in the liver and not the bloodstream as smoking does, so they produce a longer-lasting, fuller high. Edibles that are made with live resin tend to have more intense and stringent effects and take longer to have an effect, so be wary of over-ingesting.

Forget any past weed experiences

If you ask a majority of people who are against the use of this plant what their reason is, it usually involves a bad experience. This bad experience may have been felt personally from a bad trip or witnessed by someone close to them, thus creating a certain prejudice.

But you can also see this bad experience as an advantage over other new users; because now at least you know what experience you don’t want to have.

Now you can request a strain opposite to what you tried previously, and also if you had that experience with edibles, you can try a tincture or smoke it this time for a different feel.

Don’t let previous events turn you off your trying it out again. You just need some guidance and a strain and consumption method that suits you.

Know your dose

What you need to know about marijuana is that regardless of your method of consumption, the most important factor in your high is the dose. Most people don’t know that when they feel discomfort or anxiety, it usually has more to do with the dose than the actual strain consumed.

Your cannabis specialist should be specific and intentional about when, what, how, and the quantity of weed you take at a time. This is usually increased in a gradual process to get you acclimatized to its effects, but some people do enjoy smaller doses than they expect.

Take note of your set and setting

There is a popular concept in the world of psychedelic use known as “set and setting,” which describes the importance of environment and atmosphere.

When taking intoxicating substances, ensure that you’re in a safe space where you feel comfortable, as adverse effects may be triggered by external effects. Ensure your first weed experience is with people you know and feel comfortable with. There’s always next time for meeting new people and new places.

Cannabis consumption has had a bad rep for decades now, but it has quickly gained popularity in recent years, and rightly so. If you’re looking for a healthy way to let off some steam, relieve stress, or unlock creativity, guided use of cannabis may be your hack.

Always make sure to check your dose and the strain before ingesting, as these factors determine your experience. Good luck newbie!

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