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Party Time 101: Best Night Club Dress Code

Although the club culture in the world is as old as time, it keeps evolving as revelers and nightclub owners work to remain trendy. Therefore, as the fashion world advances, so does the nightclub dress code. When you go out to the club with friends, relatives, or colleagues, you want to stand out in the crowd by choosing the right attire.

If you’re not sure what to wear to the upcoming clubbing event, this article offers you a comprehensive guide to the best nightclub dress code.

4 Factors That Determine What to Wear to the Club


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Although not all clubs have a preferred “dress code”, some are very specific about what their patrons should wear, especially on special occasions. That’s why you might find yourself waiting in line for hours at a popular nightclub and end up being bartered at the entrance with ludicrous cover charges, while other patrons skip the long queues and get in through the velvet ropes ahead of you.  The secret here could be your attire.

Many popular nightclubs around the world are known to attract nice-looking crowds because they’re very selective about what their guests wear. Some will even deny you entrance because of your dress code. Although many of them won’t explain their preferred dress codes in detail, they expect their patrons to meet certain standards as regards fashion and style.

Even if your favorite club doesn’t have strict dress rules, you should always dress to impress. Ensure that what you wear to the club is in line with the club’s expectations. That’s why it’s important to do a little research on the club before leaving the house. Nevertheless, several other key factors influence what you wear to the club.

1. Your Personality

Your personality, tradition, and value determine what you wear to the club. For instance, if you’re a curvaceous lady and you want to flaunt your curves, you’re likely to wear something that highlights your silhouette. The same case applies to people who want to conceal certain features.

If you’re a serious business executive that wants to make a statement in the club, you’ll wear something that suits your personality. In short, people choose attires that support their behavior and mannerism. That’s why you’ll most introverts wearing light and sober colors, while extroverts wear bright and garish colors.

2. Age

Age can significantly influence what you wear to the club at night. For instance, it’s practically absurd to find a 60-year-old lady wearing booty shorts, a crop top, and stiletto heels. Although nothing stops her from choosing this dress code, she will undoubtedly attract too much unnecessary attention.

It’s also awkward for an elderly man to wear a vest and shorts to the club. If anything, the dress code isn’t good for his health, especially at night when it’s cold. Therefore, choose an outfit that matches your age to avoid awkward moments.

3. Occasion

Nightclubs are perfect meeting points for friends, colleagues, and relatives. Nowadays, individuals and organizations prefer to celebrate important occasions in clubs where everyone can feel comfortable and have a good time. These occasions can influence what you wear, especially if it’s a special event like a baby shower, birthday, or corporate event with a specific dress code.

4. Fashion Trends

Nightlife is all about looking great and having a good time. That’s why you’ll find revelers wearing all kinds of fashion items. They aim to stand out and make a fashion statement. With new and unique fashion items coming up every day, you have a variety of options to choose from when stepping out at night.

But as you choose your trendy attire, remember to dress decently and remain presentable. Also, choose something that brings out your best character. Remember that you’ll be socializing with all kinds of people at the club, so you should be the best version of yourself.

Best Nightclub Dress Code for Women

Whether you’re going to an everyday nightclub or a classy place where you’re likely to brush shoulders with elite patrons, you have to dress to impress. Your dress code should help you make the right statement about your character and status.

You can either wear something formal like a slim-fitting bodysuit with palazzo trousers or a mini-skirt, or stay casual with a crop top, cargo pants, and a pair of boots.

If you hope to spend the night at a fancy spot, choose a bodycon mini-dress or a jumpsuit with a pair of high heels. Any of these options will help you boogie and have a good time without attracting unnecessary attention or feeling out of place. Here are other clubbing outfits for women that you can consider.

1. Jeans or Trousers


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If you’re used to wearing dresses to clubs, you can try something different this time by choosing a pair of jeans or trousers.

Sequined, glossy, or shiny bottoms worn together with a plain top that will complete your look and keep you comfortable throughout the night. This outfit is suitable for women who want to dance or just sit in the lounge enjoying their drinks.

2. Button-Up Shirt


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If you want to look a bit serious and formal, you should try a button-up shirt. You can fasten it up or leave it undone. Either way, it’ll spice up your outfit, regardless of where you go clubbing.

In the hot season, you can wear a complete piece with a bralette beneath or an embroidered design with a pair of jeans to get a refined aesthetic. Since it’s a trendy and timeless outfit, you should switch things up once in a while to refresh your look.

3. Heels and Boots


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One of the unwritten clubbing fashion rules for ladies is to wear high heels or boots. Therefore, you should have at least one or two pairs of boots and heels for your nightlife. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t wear any other type of footwear. The idea is to look your best without laying your comfort on the line.

For instance, if you’re the type that likes to dance the night away, you should choose chunky platforms or clean sneakers because they’re comfortable.  But if you don’t plan on dancing or standing for hours, you can go for strappy stilettos or ordinary pumps. Whatever footwear option you go for, your main concern should be your comfort so you don’t get blisters or a twisted ankle.

4. Statement Accessories


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A woman’s look can’t be complete without one or two accessories. So, your clubbing outfit should include several fresh accessories that will help you make the right statement. For instance, you can bring a bulky purse, a belt bag, or a clutch to carry your items and free up your hands.

Hair clips are also great for holding your hair together to prevent hair strands from interfering with your dance moves. Don’t forget to complete your outfit with a bold necklace and a pair of earrings. When you’re accessorizing, try mixing things up to see what gives you “a million-dollar look”.

Winter Clubbing Outfit for Women


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Winter shouldn’t stop you from having a great night out provided you find the appropriate outfit. For instance, you can cover yourself with a warm coat when you are stepping out to keep yourself warm as you head to the club. But as you dance the night away and the temperatures in the club rise, you’ll need light clothing like palazzo pants, a silky dress, or a bralette.

So, wear lightweight clothing and cover yourself up with a large coat. When you get to the club, remove the heavy coat and enjoy your night. But if you’re likely to hop from one club to another throughout the night, opt for a long-sleeve jumpsuit, a heavy coat, and a pair of boots to keep you warm.

Summer Clubbing Outfit for Women


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Summer is usually very hot and humid. Therefore, you’ll need to get rid of the heavy, warm clothes and opt for light, breathable pieces that’ll let in the cool air. For instance, you can wear a pair of shorts, a bralette, and an overshirt.

Alternatively, you can wear a bodycon dress with high heels. For a more profound fashion statement, go for flared pants, a crop top, and a pair of heels. Summer is the season to go all out. So, try something different and enjoy all the compliments.

Best Nightclub Dress Code for Men

Clubbing outfits for men aren’t so complicated because they can be broken down into shirts, trousers, shoes, and accessories. So, it’s very easy for you to find the perfect outfit for every clubbing night. Nevertheless, you have to consider the above-mentioned factors that influence what you wear to the club. Here are the main nightclub dress code ideas for men that you should consider.

1. Shirts


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A button-up shirt is a perfect choice for men who want something easy, but somewhat formal.  It’s also suitable for most outfits, so you won’t have to keep looking for the right clothes. If you want a classic appearance, choose a white button-up shirt. And if you would like a more flamboyant outfit, choose a shirt with different colors or patterns.

For casual club events, a denim button-up shirt is a great choice. A short-sleeved shirt in lightweight cotton is also a perfect choice for an informal club event, especially in summer.

2. Chinos or Jeans


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If you’re not sure which type of pants to wear to the club, you have several options, including jeans, chinos, and trousers. Jeans are perfect for casual club events, while trousers are suitable for somewhat formal events. Chinos, on the other hand, come in handy when you’re not sure which category the event falls into.

3. Oxford, Brogues, and Loafers


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A man is largely defined by his footwear. So, choose a pair of shoes that helps you make the right statement. If you’re unsure about the type of event you’re going to, avoid things like flip-flops because you might end up looking out of place. Instead, go for dress shoes like loafers, brogues, and Oxford.

If you want to look more sophisticated and polished, choose Chelsea boots because they’re designed to give you an edgy aesthetic. A pair of clean sneakers are a great choice for a casual event. Make sure your sneakers are scuff-free and neat.

4. Accessorize


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Men’s accessory options are quite limited because men aren’t supposed to wear too many of them. Plus, the types of accessories you wear depend on the type of event you’re attending and the weather outside. For example in winter, you’re allowed to put on a scarf and a hat. In summer, you can wear sunglasses and a breathable hat.

Other accessories are quite basic, including belts, watches, rings, necklaces, bracelets, and wallets. You should avoid a tie unless it’s a requirement for the event. Just make sure that you don’t wear too many accessories because they’ll draw too much attention to you.

Winter Clubbing Outfits for Men


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Clubbing in winter can be hectic because you want to wear something to keep you warm without looking like you’re going to a skiing event. But because most nightclubs are well-heated in winter, you should wear light clothes and cover yourself with a heavy, warm coat that you can easily take off when you get to the club. For instance, you can wear a long-sleeved shirt, a pair of jeans, and a heavy jacket.

Summer Clubbing Outfits for Men


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Summer is the season to let loose and take in all the cordiality. So, find lightweight garments in breathable fabrics to keep you cool all night. If you’re attending a relaxed club event, opt for tailored shorts, a short-sleeve shirt, and a pair of sneakers. You can also wear chinos if you want to cover your legs.

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