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2022’s Biggest Nursery Decor Trends Revealed

by Martha Simmonds

Muted colors on the walls of your child’s nursery will aid their sleep, according to science. A recent study found that the most popular nursery colors are green, black, neutral, pink, and yellow. But a well-designed nursery is about more than color. It’s common to decorate a baby’s nursery in a special theme, and these are the most popular ones right now.

Star theme

An analysis of online searches and Pinterest boards found that stars are the most popular nursery theme. This is closely followed by the sky. These designs typically use a white, gray, and mint color palette and are suitable for both boys and girls. Stars are peaceful, so it’s no surprise that so many parents opt for this design.

If you fancy this design in your baby’s nursery, consider painting a dark gray feature wall and adding lots of small stars on top of it. A mobile above your child’s crib with stars hanging off it is a nice touch. You can also create a calming space by adding a night light which projects stars across the room.

Woodland nursery

Woodland themed nurseries came in second place in the analysis. In a woodland nursery, you should use lots of neutral shades and it’s nice to tie it together with an earthy green feature wall. The use of woodland animals in a nursery with this theme is common and the great thing is there are plenty to choose from, including squirrels, bears, foxes, deer, and hedgehogs.

Pom-poms are a decorative nursery trend right now and can be made to look like an animal’s features, such as a nose or ear. When designing a woodland nursery, try to keep in some of your home’s original features, such as an exposed brick wall or timber beams, as this will complement your theme perfectly.

This is also a good way to update your baby’s bedroom simply and cost-effectively as you could choose to accent just one area of the room.

Children’s characters

Winnie the Pooh has long been a popular nursery decor choice and this will continue into 2022. The loveable bear and his friends came in in third place in the biggest nursery trends list. But other children’s characters will be popular, too, including Moana and Peter Rabbit.

A Winnie the Pooh themed nursery is typically based around neutral or yellow tones. A rustic wooden crib works well, along with some classic wall prints of the characters. Blues and whites tend to be used in a Peter Rabbit themed nursery.

Bunting is one of the biggest decorative nursery items at the moment, and works well with this theme, too. You could simply drape it from one end of a wall to the other. Or, for a more interesting look, zig-zag it down a wall.

There are so many ways you can decorate your baby’s nursery, including using a hot air balloon theme, jungle design, or rainbow pattern. But, if you want to ensure your baby’s nursery is on trend, the designs featured above are the ones you should consider.

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