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Nursery Ideas: Giving Your Little One A Personalized Room

Before looking for the perfect furniture or accessories for your baby’s nursery, you should decide on the theme of the room first. Once you have that sorted out, the rest of the design process will be much easier. We all have our own style and taste when it comes to decorating a space. The trick is finding ways to incorporate your personal preferences while making sure that it also reflects your child and their interests.

There are so many different things you can do when it comes to designing a child’s room, but there are some ideas that work better than others, depending on where you intend on setting up the nursery. A personalized room is one way to ensure your little one feels special at home and in their bedroom. Let’s take a look at some amazing ideas for decorating nurseries:

1. Unique accessories and furniture

As you begin to plan the look of your little one’s room, you’ll likely come across a lot of different styles and pieces of furniture that catch your eye. One way to make the room truly unique is to choose a type of furniture that you don’t see often in a child’s room. For example, a personalised childrens chair and a curio or a corner shelf can be a nice piece to display your child’s favourite toys and even some of their awards or special mementoes. Another popular choice is a mirror, which can serve as a decorative feature on one wall.

2. Have fun with shapes and colours

You can also use colours to create an attractive and fun design. If you want to create a modern-themed nursery, you can go with bold and bright colours like red, blue, and orange. Colours like green and yellow are great for bringing a tropical vibe to the room. If you’re into luxuriant designs, you can go with purple, gold, or silver. You can also go with a more neutral colour palette if you plan to repurpose the furniture once your kid outgrows it.

Likewise, you can use shapes to create a unique design. Round furniture pieces from Dragons of Walton Street like tables, chairs, and shelves can be used to create a cosy and warm design. Squared pieces like dressers and bookcases are a good choice if you want to go for a more modern look.

3. Decorating with fabrics and textures

Another great idea for creating a personalised nursery is using fabrics and textures. You can use warm and soft fabrics like velvet, cotton, or faux fur to bring a touch of comfort and cosiness to the room. If you want to create a playful design, you can go with textures like sponges, cork, and felt that are fun to touch and are usually neon-coloured. You can also use linen, leather, and vinyl to create a clean and sophisticated look.

4. Wall art

Wall art is a great way to bring different elements into the room. You can choose to go with framed pictures or posters that are special to you and your child and decals and stickers if you want to create a unique and fun design.

Another option would be to use wallpaper or printed fabrics to create a design on the walls for a more sophisticated and subtle design. You can also create a collage with framed photos or paintings or make a gallery wall with several smaller pieces that go together to create one large and meaningful design. Adding smaller things can also be of great use. For instance, You can use some clear decals for more detailed decoration and even simple but intriguing education.

5. Add a soft touch

Another great way to add a soft touch and create a personalised nursery design is by using pillows and blankets. You can add softness to a nursery design with the colour palette you choose, as well as the fabrics you use. You can also make use of lighting. If you have a window in the room, then you can add some soft and warm light to the room with curtains or blinds. If you don’t have a window in the room, then you can use light fixtures to add some soft warmth to the nursery as well.

6. Don’t forget to include safety features

While it’s crucial to create a design that reflects your child’s personality, it’s also essential to keep safety in mind. You don’t want your child to trip over something or knock their head on a piece of furniture. If you’re using rugs or carpets, you should choose ones that are soft and have no loose threads. You should also keep your child’s reach in mind when you’re decorating the room. You don’t want small items to fall and create a hazard for your child. Make sure to keep breakables off the floor and out of reach.


A personalised nursery will not only make your little one feel special, but it’s also a great way to celebrate your child’s personality. There are so many ways to bring your own style and taste into the nursery, and it’s a chance to show your child how much you love and support them.

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