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How Online Casinos Become A Daily Entertainment For Canadians

by Martha Simmonds

In recent years, gambling has developed very fast. Nowadays, you don’t even have to go to a land-based casino, as you can visit any online casino with new casino no deposit bonus in Canada. Gambling is an awesome way to make real money while having fun playing different games. Canada is one of the world’s most liberal and nicest places to live. However, when people think of Canada, gambling or online casinos are one of the last things that come to mind.

In many ways, Canada contributes to the global gambling market, valued at $61.5 billion as of 2021. Research shows that up to 79% of Canadians gamble with the country holding the country’s record with the highest online punters in 2021. While online casinos are frowned upon in certain countries, it is a staple part of their daily routine. However, there are a few provinces in Canada where gambling is illegal.

History Of Gambling In Canada

Canadians’ love for gambling can be traced to thousands of years ago when the indigenous people used sticks and bones in their communal games. Fast forward to June 1497, John Cabot and his crew members landed on the east coast of Canada playing cards. With European colonisation came a more conservative attitude towards gambling. Most games were banned under British common law. Canada’s first Criminal Code retained these rules until they were officially lifted in 1999.

Until the 1950s, many forms of gambling were considered legal but a vice. They gambled to raise funds for charity, and small illegal casinos still existed for short periods throughout Canada’s history until towards the end of the 20th century when casino games became legal in some provinces, with the first commercial casino opened in Winnipeg in 1989.

Over time, gambling has become an integral part of Canadian culture, from the aboriginal people to modern civilization. Now, land-based gambling houses have transitioned to an increasing influx of online casinos.

Access To Hundreds Of Online Casino Sites Post-Covid

Though operating an online casino without a license is illegal in Canada, playing on a gambling website or the art of online gambling isn’t. So, most sites are incorporated in countries like the UK and Malta. This also means they have access to different bonuses and promotions.

After the Covid-19 pandemic, what was most relevant to most individuals and businesses worldwide was recovering from economic losses. During the pandemic, gamblers didn’t have access to physical locations, so they went online. With the lockdown affecting everyone, Canadians went online as a medium of earning income.

The whole process of winning real money as you play your favourite game on an online gambling site is easy. The laws are flexible, allowing you to register and use any legitimate casino freely. Websites like newcasinos-ca make the whole process of searching for a credible best payout online casino easier. They offer reviews on the best online casino with the best bonuses and free spins.

With the development of technology, the internet has become easily accessible to almost everyone. This means that more people have access to online gambling sites. Here are the main factors that influenced the surge of online gambling.

Reliable Internet Access In Canada

Another factor that spurred the surge of online gambling sites in Canada is Canadians’ reliable internet access. Almost every Canadian has access to light speed and reliable internet access, and this is because most are remote workers. People who work remotely need access to reliable internet access and low downtime for a lesser amount. Internet access and fast internet speed offer people more room to engage in gambling and enjoy a smooth gambling experience.

With the advent of mobile smartphones, access to gambling and igaming sites has improved. Before smartphones, you could only access gambling sites on your personal computer. For example, you couldn’t play games while you’re on the move. But mobile phones provided:

• Accessibility
• User experience
• Convenience

This also increased the use of these online sites among Canadians. So, as a country with the highest internet connection, an average citizen would want to have fun at their fingertips.

Online Casinos With Attractive Promotions And Bonuses

Who doesn’t like the opportunity to win free bonuses and promotions? Most new online dollar deposit casinos offer enticing promotions that allow new players to sign up without having to deposit (no deposit bonuses). This allows them to check out the website and potentially win money. The promotions are not specific to new customers only. Some offer free bets, loyalty rewards, tournaments, spins, etc. They also offer rewards to existing customers, like VIP rewards, no-deposit bonuses, loyalty bonuses, and many more.

Why Canadians Love Casino Games

The best online casino games thrive in Canada for many reasons, and they include some of the following. Lots of Canadians derive joy from participating in sports events. Some of these sports include:

• Football
• Soccer
• Rugby
• Cricket
• Basketball

So they place bets on these sports events via an online casino operator. Canadians also have laws and regulations that forbid standard betting options, so most bettors wager on foreign sites so they can place single-event bets. Since online operators offer sports betting options, they are great for Canadians with an account there.

Most Have Disposable Income

Canada is a place with high-earning opportunities and is classified as one of the countries with high living standards. So, most citizens have disposable income to use in wagering bets on online games.

This implies that gambling is not frowned upon as it is in less developed or developing countries, and people who play don’t view igaming as a form or means of financial instability. It is viewed as what it’s meant to be, a form of entertainment. However, wisdom dictates that people employ restraint when playing games.

Ease Of Payment And The Variety Of Games

Compared to land-based locations, these best online gambling sites offer several payment options when you want to play games. In addition, online transactions are faster, more reliable, and more secure. Some of the flexible payment options they offer include:

• Paypal
• Skrill
• ecoPayz
• Bank transfer
• Neteller
• Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

With how these payment options have made online gambling convenient, it’s no surprise why Canadians enjoy this source of entertainment. Game developers have made gaming easier for Canadians as they don’t have to visit a land-based casino and wait for a seat at the blackjack or other table game. Developers create new games for online casinos, like www.slotozilla.com/ca/ daily, increasing the variety of games available for players.

So, if players don’t fancy one game, they can easily switch to another. They can also try out new games released daily or simply stick to traditional blackjack and poker. People who enjoy mobile slots and bingo would enjoy the fun twist some of these best online casinos put on instead of traditional land-based ones.

How Canada’s Economy Has Flourished With The Influx Of Online Casinos

The gambling industry as a whole has made a big impact on the country’s economy. Not many businesses have been able to grow as rapidly as the online gambling market in Canada. This takes leading from legally owned land-based casinos and tourist attractions in provinces like Ontario, British Columbia, and Quebec. The economy benefits from these, and some operators even sponsor major sports teams.

Before now, Canadians went to physical locations. As of 2022, players have access to over 2100 online gambling sites. The overall return on investment is 97 per cent of a player’s winnings. So, it’s no surprise that the country’s online casino revenue is increasing.

Below are three ways they have influenced the country’s economy:

• Increase in Canadian tax income: As mentioned, the Canadian government benefits from the gambling industry through taxes. These businesses in offline and online gambling pay a significant amount of their income to the Canadian government through taxes. This helps the government fund different services and programs for the well-being of its citizens. With the income generated from taxes, the Canadian government can use it to improve the quality of life of its people.

• Provision of job opportunities: The gambling industry has provided job opportunities for Canadians, from casino dealers and croupiers to marketing managers and game and software developers. The gambling industry offers people several job opportunities, competitive salaries, and good working conditions. This is major because they have to employ more people with the growing demand in the industry.

With more Canadians deriving fun from some of the best online casinos, most companies now need and employ more programmers, software developers, community managers, content creators, and more. Offline gambling establishments are not left out as they also impact the hospitality industry. Hotels and restaurants near casinos benefit as people who tend to visit casinos eat and drink at nearby establishments.

• Gambling boosts tourism: Canada attracts tourists looking to have fun; Niagara Falls, Ontario, is one such location. The location has many land-based casinos, and Canada can boast of fully legal online gambling sites.

The sites also offer amazing bonuses and a variety of games to visitors from all over the world. The collaboration between the gambling and tourism industries makes it a win-win for both. The tourism industry gets its casino visitors, and they, in turn, get revenue from visitors.

The Most Popular And Best Online Casino Games

With the rise in new online casino games, there are many online activities that Canadians engage in for fun.

• Online slot machines: The most popular of all online casino games is the slot machine. It was popular in Las Vegas but is now available in most apps and sites. Most of the slot machine games are under the no-deposit bonus games category. Beginners are attracted to it because it is easy to start, while the pro players always visit this game because of the cash prizes and casino bonuses. It’s often the first game newbies want to get started with, and professionals also love it.

• Blackjack and other table games: Blackjack is a popular table game in the gambling sector. It’s a simple card game that involves a player getting lucky cards that total up to 21 without going over. Beyond blackjack, online casinos offer other table games like baccarat and roulette.

• Video poker: Poker is the most popular table game among players. It combines online free slot games and classic poker elements. It’s an easy game for entry-level beginners and one game where people can easily win real money.

Tabular representation of the top best online gambling games.

Type of game Description
Online Slots and Jackpots This is the most popular type of game. It offers the most return on investment.
Table Games Examples of these are roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and more.
Video Pokers An excellent blend of poker and slot machine games.
Bingo and Keno These are great for players who like to give things a chance.
Scatch Cards They are instant win games.
Live Dealer Games This is a form of iGaming that is streamed on tech devices.
Craps It’s rare but featured on most betting sites as a table variant.


With the increasing rise in new online casino games, Canadians can have fun from home via their favourite mobile apps. In summary, there are several reasons why online gaming is becoming so popular in Canada.

As a developed country, most of the natives spend time on the net and so are always on the lookout for entertainment that is accessible and offers one the chance to win amazing rewards. Online casinos have no adverse effect on the economy as the government enjoys revenue from the gambling industry and provides quality service for its citizens.

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