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Panax Ginseng Erections: A Natural Remedy For Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction is a very common sexual problem that is highly prevalent in men, according to a survey, ED was shown to be more common in European countries in comparison to the United States, affecting over 37% of the men in Italy and over 47% men in Brazil as compared to it affecting 20% of the men in America.

Erectile Dysfunction can be caused by many reasons, commonly caused by problems regarding mental health. Despite being common, erectile dysfunction is highly undermined by men all over the world who haven’t experienced it yet. 1 in 10 men is estimated to get erectile dysfunction at least once in their lifetime.

What causes erectile dysfunction?

Many men seem to overlook the fact that erectile dysfunction is common and can happen anytime, anywhere. It can be caused by various reasons such as:

• Prescription Drugs: Many prescription drugs increase the chances of men getting erectile dysfunction such as Antidepressants, Medications made from Cannabis, Hormonal Medications, and many more.

• Mental Health Issues: Men with depression, anxiety, or other problems that disrupt the mental health of someone can cause a person to under-perform during intercourse and maybe result in a man getting erectile dysfunction. Men can have trouble getting or keeping an erection if their mental health isn’t in a good state.

• Substance or Drug Abuse: Men who recklessly drink alcohol or abuse drugs like Cocaine, Weed, or Cigarettes can offset their sexual life. These drugs have a bad side-effect on the phallus and can end up giving erectile dysfunction to men.

• Physical Injury: A physical injury concerning the pelvic area of a man can cause erectile dysfunction and other numerous problems in a man’s life.

Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction:

Previously known as an incurable disease, erectile dysfunction now has many different treatments that are scientifically proven to help. These treatments range from oral medications to pumps for your phallus, some of these treatments are:

• Oral Medications: Oral Medication like Sildenafil(commonly known as Viagra), Vardenafil, and other tablets like Avanafil help cure erectile dysfunction, these medications have side effects which include headaches, nausea, and etc.

• Testosterone Replacement: Testosterone is the main hormone that affects a man’s reproductive ability as well as other sexual characteristics such as an increase in the mass of muscles and etc. Testosterone Replacement Therapy helps men raise their previously low testosterone level which can diminish all signs of erectile dysfunction.

A Natural Solution for Erectile Dysfunction:

Alongside the many treatments proven to help men with erectile dysfunction, there’s one that stands out as the best, a medication by the name of Panax Ginseng made from plants that grow over in Korea, China, and Siberia.

Panax Ginseng is a remedy provided by mother nature for erectile dysfunction, this medication, although scientifically proven as a solution to ED, does have side-effects which may include headache, insomnia, and gastrointestinal disorders. It has been shown to provide men with strong erections who might have been previously experiencing erectile dysfunction. To learn more about this medication, check out this guide on Panax Ginseng for ED.

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