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What Is A PCT Patent Application, And Is It Right For Me?

Are you an inventor and want to protect your trademark? Do you want to keep your competitors at bay? If so, then you must have heard about the patent application.

A patent application prevents unauthorized sharing or copying of your invention. At times, you may need patent applications for many countries, which is when a patent cooperation treaty (PCT) comes into play. A PCT patent application is essential when filing patents in many countries.

So, what are the advantages of a PCT patent application? What’s the process of applying for a PCT patent? Is it right for you? Continue reading to get more insight into the PCT patent application.

Advantages of PCT patent application

A PCT patent reduces the number of addressable objections, saving the prosecution cost. Further, it prevents unauthorized use of your invention through copying, manufacturing, or selling.


You can amend a PCT patent application at any time you want. That is, you may change the PCT after the international preliminary search.

More decision time

A PCT patent application allows you to decide the states you wish to protect your brand name. The national phase lasts at least 31 months after filing a PCT patent application. This period gives you enough time to choose the contracting states you wish to apply to.

Revenue source

A PCT patent allows you to sell your invention or license others to use it and can be a good source of revenue for your creation. Further, you can take advantage of businesses self-reliant on licensed inventions. For instance, if you’re an app developer, you might sell your license to other businesses for them to use your app.

Other advantages of the PCT patent application include the following:

• Position products in the marketplace
• Early priority date
Protect reputation

Phases of PCT patent application

The PCT patent involves the regional phase and the international phase. The regional step consists of filing an international application with contracting countries. Here, a PCT patent is not a request for a patent to be granted.

In the international phase, the receiving office files and processes your application. Further, international search authorities write an opinion report based on your application.

The procedure for PCT patent application includes:

• Filing
• International search
International publication
International search and examination

Application eligibility

Despite the benefits of the PCT patent, not every inventor is eligible for application. An applicant must be a resident of a state member of the PCT. If the applicant is a resident of a non-PCT state, then the application process cannot go through. Additionally, your nationality determines the filling of your PCT patent.

Is the PCT patent application right for you?

If you have plans to protect your invention in foreign countries, then the PCT application is something to look at. A PCT works well if you want to save your work in different countries.

If you’re financially prepared, then a PCT patent application is necessary. Depending on the entity’s size, PCT patent application costs can cost thousands. These costs could be pretty daunting if you’ve not budgeted well. Thus, proper budgeting is vital for the PCT patent application to work for you.

Final thoughts

A patent protects your invention from unauthorized use, manufacture, or sale. A good lawyer can help navigate you through the process. A PCT patent application is critical in protecting your creation in different countries. It also helps safeguard the reputation of your business.

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