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A Physician’s Guide To A Classic Wardrobe

There are certain professions that require a standard uniform. Wearing these garments has been practiced for years to uphold regulations, meet expectations, and embody qualities such as authority, competence, knowledge, and trustworthiness. Such professions include physicians.

For physicians, the initial impression made by what they’re wearing is important as patients and peers may attempt to look for visual cues to establish rapport. With this in mind, the majority of hospitals and healthcare settings provide dress codes and guidelines for their employees.

Dress Code And Other Considerations

Certain hospitals adhere to dress codes to promote uniformity and potentially boost efficient workflow among healthcare practitioners. Dress codes are also a way to meet expectations and take into account patients’ perceptions. As mentioned, people may tend to look for physical clues that’ll help them feel comfortable working with their doctor and feel satisfied with their care. Also, healthcare settings have implemented these dress codes to maintain the company’s reputation and brand.

Moreover, there are hospitals that have patient questionnaires to measure satisfaction provided by their doctors. Take note that some clients consider dress professionalism when answering these surveys. Because of this, a lot of physicians have learned to become mindful of their style preferences.

A Physician’s Guide To A Classic Wardrobe

Although not every healthcare setting has rigid dress codes, the majority of these hospitals still have similar expectations with regard to a doctor’s work attire. Thus, physicians have to seek employer feedback and consider these general guidelines.

Despite this, doctors can still choose to wear clothes that aren’t only appropriate but also stylish. With a classic wardrobe, physicians can still use clothes to express their personality, build their confidence, and boost their excitement to show up for work.

To show you how, here’s a quick guide to a classic wardrobe:

1. Properly Fitting Scrub Pairs

Apart from the usual lab coat, medical scrubs are one of a physician’s wardrobe essentials. Look for a scrub pair that’s well-fitted or properly tailored to complement your body size and help you move freely during a busy shift.

Wearing a tight-fitting scrub suit in a heated operation will do you no good. It might lead you to get distracted and become less efficient at performing the task at hand. In the same vein, wearing a scrub that’s too baggy may not be suitable during times when you do hospital rounds. You may be perceived as someone unprofessional simply because of an ill-fitting uniform.

On the other hand, a well-suited scrub attire will allow you to work smoothly with your colleagues, assistants, and patients, as you no longer have to be overly concerned and conscious about how you look. The properly fitting scrub pair will speak for itself. Ultimately, this will do wonders for your confidence, comfort, and performance at work.

With this in mind, learn to invest your hard-earned money in quality, fade-resistant, and well-fitted scrubs rather than purchasing poor-quality ones. It would be savvy to purchase clothes that could be worn for several years than to spend money on affordable but lousy-looking garments that won’t last long.

2. A Variety Of Dress Shirts

Since a doctor’s general dress attire involves switching between blazers, trendy tops, and the like, physicians who want a classic wardrobe need to have flexible work clothes that can easily be mixed and matched.

Dress shirts are versatile enough to be paired with your daily white coats, especially on days when you’re required to wear it for several hours. If the scrub pair is the ultimate wardrobe essential, a dress shirt serves as your closet’s foundation. It may come in handy to have a good variety of dress shirts that are perfect for a wide range of occasions, from formal to casual attire.

Notably, a clean dress shirt paired with a tie may help your patients see you as someone adequately competent and professional to handle their cases and take care of them. Yes, reinforcing the use of visual cues to evaluate a physician’s competence is problematic, to say the least. However, this behavior is hardwired in most patients and clients. You can consider this as one more way that health professionals serve the public.

Moreover, by wearing a sleek dress shirt with your lab coat, you can appear as someone on top of their game during urgent meetings and unexpected hospital events. You’ll surely receive compliments from both peers and patients.

Nowadays, there are several different dress shirt styles and designs for you to choose from. You should go for a classic style that can easily be paired with your usual ties. Avoid bold prints, colors, and patterns that may clash with your white lab coat. If you prefer, you may even invest in custom-made dress shirts. Working with a tailor provides you with an array of options for your clothes. This can be practical if you want to incorporate specific details or prefer certain cuts or blended fabrics for your dress shirt.physicians guide to wardrobe

3. Quality Footwear

Commonly, if you’re not staying in your clinic, you may be scheduled to do hospital rounds or operations. With this in mind, it’s crucial to invest in the right footwear that’ll provide adequate protection and support to help you stay productive at work.

Comfort is key when it comes to choosing your pair of footwear. When it comes to the shoe’s features and fit, always take note to purchase ones that’ll help prevent common foot concerns such as calluses, blisters, and corns. Also, during busy work shifts, it would be practical to wear moisture-repellant sneakers to help you stay comfortable.

Final Thoughts

With shifting schedules and rigorous work routines, doctors may have less time to dig deeper into their closets to find an outfit that’ll help them look their best. This is where classic, versatile clothes come in handy.

Having a classic wardrobe is a perfect way to reduce early morning stress and decision fatigue when looking for clothes to wear and pair with your lab coat. Moreover, by choosing classic clothes over trendy ones, you can build a collection of quality pieces that’ll last you for a long time. Definitely worth the investment!

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