picnic ideas for you and child

Picnic Ideas for You and Your Child

Summer is here and what better way to take advantage of the warmer weather than packing up a picnic and going off on an adventure! Spending quality time with your child outdoors is important for their physical and mental well-being.

Being organised and packing a picnic is a great way to save money, incorporate some healthy snacks, enjoy some of your favourite treats and avoid getting hungry whilst out and about. You could take a picnic to the beach or the park, and find the perfect place to set up, while spending some quality time together.

If you’re wondering how to form the perfect picnic set-up or are wanting some new ideas on what to include in your picnic bag/basket, then this article will run you through some helpful suggestions so that you and your child can enjoy a perfect summer picnic.

What to include in your picnic basket

If you’ve got plenty of time to get organised, then the preparation can be just as fun as the picnic itself. You can get your child involved in the prepping of the food, helping you to make their favourite sandwiches, or even by baking some delicious sweet treats together, like cookies or cupcakes.

Try to pack your food in a bag that’s sturdy and has a reflective interior to keep your food cool, so that it doesn’t spoil in the summer heat. If you have some ice packs, you could also place these inside the bag for some added coolness.

Although the food is the main event (of course) your picnic bag might also contain some other bits and bobs, that could take your picnic to the next level. On a practical note, you might want to pack some cutlery, plastic or paper plates, cups and napkins, depending on what food you’ve included in your bag.

To make things more comfortable and to save you scouring your destination for a bench, you could include a picnic blanket, for that authentic experience. Why not take a ball or a frisbee in your bag too, so that you can have some post-picnic playtime with your child?

Where to set up your picnic

Struggling for ideas on where to down tools and tuck into your picnic? The location is just as important as the food when it comes to having a perfect picnic, as you’re going to want to enjoy your surroundings whilst you enjoy your delicious food.

Why not go to your local woods? It’s likely to have plenty of open space to play and you can invite a group of friends along, if you want to turn your picnic into a social event. Try to find somewhere that has some shade so that you and your child can avoid being overly-exposed to the sun. The nursery chain Kiddi Caru, recently released some helpful guidance to keep your child safe and protected in the summer months, since their skin is particularly susceptible to UV damage.

If you’re lucky enough to have a beach nearby and don’t mind sandy feet, then this can be the perfect place to lay a picnic blanket and tuck into your pre-prepared feast. Just make sure that you take something to wipe your hands, so that you don’t end up eating sandy sandwiches!

On the other hand, if you find yourself in more of an urban setting and don’t fancy travelling, you could find a designated picnic spot in a park, or tuck into your picnic whilst visiting some of the city’s attractions, like a museum! Thankfully there are plenty of benches dotted about, so you’re sure to find somewhere to set up base.

Whatever you decide to pack and wherever you decide to go, picnics are a great way to spend time together outdoors, enjoying some yummy food whilst taking in your surroundings. Make a day out of it and go for a walk, or visit some attractions. Just make sure that wherever you decide to go, you clear up after yourselves, placing your rubbish in a nearby bin, or taking it home with you.

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