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Aspiring Pilot? Know These Pilot Jobs to Make an Informed Decision!

by Martha Simmonds

If you get goosebumps when you see a plane whizz past you and want to be a pilot, we’re with you!

Being a pilot means not only lucrative salaries but also traveling places. However, pilots need to be highly skilled in the area they serve. 

Let’s now take a look at various pilot options you can consider after passing out from an aviation school. 

Mainline Pilots

Being a pilot has many perks. Let’s just say it can be costly to travel from Boston to Berlin and back again. However, it’s a simple task for mainline airline pilots.

Remember that long-range flights can be exhausting and tiring for pilots. They are required to take eight-hour breaks according to regulations. You’ll most likely need at least two pilots if you fly transcontinentally (say from Los Angeles to London).

Although their job is exhausting, it is rewarding and highly lucrative. Mainline pilots not only get to travel the world but also earn a six-figure salary. Some pilots make as much as $200K, while others earn between $100,000 to $200,000 yearly.

Cargo Pilots

These are the UPS, FedEx, and Royal Mail workers in the air travel industry. These large international and domestic shipping companies often have to ship packages overseas for deliveries. They hire pilots to do this.

Cargo pilots, like other pilot jobs, must work long hours to deliver the cargo on time. They can still enjoy the security and benefits of working for a reputable delivery company, including a healthcare plan.

Cargo pilots also enjoy a reasonably favorable pay scale due to the corporate structure. At the least, they earn around $51,000 while they can earn as high as $162,000.

Military Pilots

You can consider being an army pilot if combat missions in the air have been your biggest desire since childhood. Of course, you need to join the armed forces and ace their training program.

This means that you must be physically fit to serve in the military. Pilots must meet basic health requirements, such as good vision and good eyesight. However, the requirements for military branches like the USAF and RAF are more rigorous.

Airforce pilots often fly the most hi-tech military aircraft. Most importantly, military pilots who accumulate flight hours during their service become eligible for their civil pilot license and future pilot jobs.

Government Service Pilots

These pilots are dedicated to their country, just like military pilots. The government allows these pilots to fly with several agencies such as the FBI, DEA, and Homeland Security.

These pilots’ work varies in nature. For example, if you work for the Coast Guard, you might be asked to fly large areas of coastline for danger or damage detection.

Government service pilot salaries vary, but not as much as those working in the private sector. According to general estimates, these pilots make an average salary in the low five- to the mid-six-figure range.

Personal Pilots

You might not be living the lavish lifestyle of the famous and wealthy, but the rich and resourceful may be open to hiring you as their personal pilot. The good news is, there is no shortage of private planes. 

This is because most of the top private planes made by companies like Cessna or Gulfstream are incredibly complex machines. Businesspeople, actors, actresses, models, and other wealthy people who can afford these planes often find it difficult to fly these planes themselves.

They may just want to relax and take a ride through the skies while you fly the plane for them. Moreover, celebrities with private jets often purchase them or transform them into luxury affairs. Pay and perks can vary depending on who you are working for.

Final Word

Of course, all the pilot jobs mentioned above require a deep understanding of flight theory and hundreds of hours of experience in the air. So, consider joining a good flight school with all the resources needed to become a good pilot. 

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