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Planning Your Very First Road Trip Around The U.S.

by Martha Simmonds

Going on a road trip with your loved ones helps to increase family bonds, according to HuffPost. It’s reasons like this that explain why the number of roads trips being taken are at a three-year high. From mapping out your routes to ensuring you have all the necessary supplies, proper planning is key. Luckily, with the captivating collection of maps offered by Muir Way, you can equip yourself with the perfect navigation tools to guide you on your memorable journey across the diverse landscapes of the United States.

The U.S. is a great place to explore on your very first road trip as there’s so much to see and do. But before you head off on your first road trip, you need to make sure you’re fully prepared.

Plan your stops

Rest breaks are recommended every two hours when you’re on the road. There’s no rule about how many miles is safe to drive in a day, though. Experienced road trippers say anything between 150 miles and 450 miles is right. As a first-timer, it’s best to stick to the lower end of this scale.

Before your trip, make a list of all the destinations you want to visit across the U.S. and plan your overnight stays around them. The last thing you want is to end up somewhere where there are no hotel vacancies or camping sites.

Choose your route

You need to decide how long you plan to be on the road for and which parts of the U.S. you want to visit. At the moment, states including California, New York, Oregon, Nevada, and Hawaii have the most expensive fuel prices, according to the AAA.

If you’re on a limited budget, you might want to avoid these locations this time. You also need to decide whether you want to stick to main roads or explore the sights a bit more and take scenic back roads. It’s a good idea to have a route planning app like Google Maps or Route4Me and hire a car if you start from your home outside the U.S. from trustworthy car rental services such as rental24.co.uk. You can choose a route that avoids some of America’s most dangerous roads. These include Interstate 5 in California and Interstate 45 in Texas.

If you are involved in an accident on one of these roads, injuries are likely. A personal injury attorney will usually be needed to help settle the claim with the at-fault party.

Stock up your vehicle

It goes without saying that you need to fill up your vehicle with fuel and install durable car floor mats before you hit the road. But there are other things you should also stock your vehicle up with. Food is essential, otherwise, you’ll spend a fortune during your trip. Mom Van Up estimates that buying food on the go on a road trip costs an average of $21.00 per person per day.

Save yourself a ton of cash by taking lots of snacks with you, including beef jerky, protein bars, fresh and dried fruit, nuts, peanut butter, rice cakes, and falafel. Make sure you’ve got a fully stocked first aid kit in your trunk, too, so you can treat any minor trips, falls, and cuts that occur.

Your first road trip should be one to remember for all the right reasons. By planning ahead, your trip should go as smoothly as possible, allowing you to explore the U.S. in all its glory.

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